Wisconsin Network For Peace & Justice Annual Conference May 6, 2023 at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve (Near LaFarge)

All welcome to come share their social justice & just transition success stories! We’ll be meeting at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve near LaFarge (and providing a zoom/recorded event option).
This is our chance to hear about the activities of Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice  member groups; form a nominating committee for Officers and WNPJ Board member recruitment; and to conduct any necessary Network business.
It’s an outreach event, too, as we will be inviting Driftless area member groups and their affiliates to speak about environmental and other issues they share in common. Watch for details! If you’d like to be involved with planning, contact the WNPJ at info@wnpj.org.

(Read about more upcoming events here: https://www.wnpj.org/event-calendar)

Anti-war protest in Washington DC March 18, 2023: Feed the people, not the Pentagon! No war against Donbass, Russia & China!
#antiwar #RollbackPrices #NoWarWithRussia

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