Protesters facing felony charges reject plea deal – Drop Bogus Charges Against the Tampa 5 NOW!

April 2023

Tampa Bay SDS

Today we held a press conference with the Tampa 5 in order to explain the bogus deal, the continuing lies, and the overall repression that USFPD and USF admin keeps pushing onto student protestors! They were unjustly beaten, arrested, and harassed for defending diversity in a public campus, but they have not backed down and neither will SDS. Even though they try to silence us and president Rhea Law tries to ignore us, we will continue to fight against Desantis’s legislative attacks on diversity, equity, and inclusion and fight for students’ rights! We demand that USF #DropTheCharges on the #Tampa5 and that Rhea Law meet with students to stand up against attacks on DEI!

Join us in front of the MSC on Monday April 17, 2023 at 12 PM for a statewide rally to protect student protest in light of these charges and against attacks on education!



The five protesters are facing criminal charges, including a felony charge of battery on a law enforcement officer. This week, as charges are being officially filed, the state attorney’s office offered the Tampa 5 a plea deal that would drop all the charges if they each wrote letters of apology to the police officers who assaulted them. The Tampa 5 declined this deal.

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