Rochester, NY General Nurses to Picket April 25, 2023, Call for Solidarity!

The Rochester Union of Nurses and Allied Professionals inspired many of us across Rochester as they massively won their union organizing drive last year. We know that Rochester General spent $1.3M on union busting activities and they were beaten back by the determination and unity of this group of workers.

Now it’s time for Rochester General to negotiate a first contract in good faith. The workers have spoken clearly. Their goals for their first contract include:

  • Safe staffing for their patients
  • Establish transparent, fair and competitive wages
  • Retain and recruit staff nurses
  • Establish an effective voice on all nursing matters
  • Restore and improve benefits and health care
  • Protect their pension

The Rochester Labor Community can’t let these workers stand alone. We will stand with them in solidarity. We’re asking all unions to make an effort to attend this picket and publicize it with your membership! When working people stand together united, no union-busting employer can stop us.

WHERE: In front of RGH on Portland Ave.
WHEN: Tuesday, April 25th 4p to 7p
RSVP Here!

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