San Antonio Alliance of Teachers & School Personnel Wins Largest Wage Increases In District History

MEDIA ADVISORY, April 18, 2023

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San Antonio Alliance

San Antonio ISD invests in school workers

SAISD Board of Trustees votes for largest staff compensation package in over 25 years
SAN ANTONIO – At the San Antonio ISD Board of Trustees meeting April 17, 2023, they unanimously approved the largest investment in staff compensation in over 25 years – an essential step in retaining and attracting the high-quality school workers our students deserve.

In August, members of our union voted on organizing priorities for the school year. At the top of the list was a pay increase for all staff. Last night, as a result of months of organizing and advocacy, the SAISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved the largest investment in staff compensation in over 25 years.School workers will see raises from 4 percent to 9 percent depending on their years of experience in education.

Monica Dickson, a kindergarten teacher at Forbes Elementary in her 24th year in SAISD, stated, “I will be receiving close to a 9 percent raise. This is the largest raise, in one year, that I’ve received since working for SAISD. I didn’t know what my next steps were going to be on March 21, but now, I am no longer on the fence. I am committed to staying in SAISD and serving our school community, our SAISD familia.”

In her comments to the board at last night’s meeting, Miranda Yzaguirre, a first year, 6th and 7th grade teacher at Woodlawn Academy, also celebrated the board’s unanimous vote: “My students keep asking me, ‘are you going to be here next year?’ This is due to many of their teachers leaving to other districts or leaving the profession altogether. I believe that my students deserve teachers who get better for them everyday and
teachers who stay.”

In February, the Board of Trustees voted to approve Always Learning, an ambitious 160-page strategic management plan, the success of which will depend upon the district’s ability to retain experienced staff in all areas.

This investment in compensation demonstrates our district’s commitment to the school workers at the heart of the SAISD community. This pay increase will help our schools retain and attract the high-quality educators our students and families need – the most essential component in ensuring our students receive the education they deserve.


The San Antonio Alliance of Teachers and Support Personnel represents teachers, paraprofessionals, and support personnel in San Antonio ISD. The San Antonio Alliance is affiliated with Texas AFT, Texas State Teachers Association, AFT – American Federation of Teachers, and the National Education Association (NEA Today), the largest labor union in the country.

San Antonio Alliance members and supporters at SAISD School Board meeting April 17, 2023.

Photo: San Antonio Alliance

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