GEO Local 3550 at U of Michigan at Ann Arbor Are Still On Strike, Contribute to Strike Fund!

Graduate Employees’ Organization 3550

UMich is withholding pay from striking grad workers. It’s shameful that an institution as wealthy as UM would take pay from hardworking people. We’re on strike because many of us struggle to make ends meet each month, this only makes things worse.

Now, more than ever, GEO grad workers need your support! Please donate to our strike fund at

All donations will support striking workers who’ve had their pay withheld. Together, we can fight for a UMich that actually treats its workers with respect!

Graduate Employees’ Organization 3550

GSI’s pay about $200 in dues each semester. We are asking GSRA and those PhDs on fellowship to step up and support your striking co-workers by paying $200 into the strike fund. If the several thousands of you chip in your fair share, we will reach our goal twice over.

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