Wisconsin: State Budget Testimony and Hearing in Minocqua April 26, 2023 – People’s Budget Not Banker’s Budget!

Dear Budget Champions for Wisconsin Kids,  We’re reaching out with an important update: we have learned that the portal for submitting written testimony on the state budget will be closed at the end of the final live hearing on Wednesday, April 26.
This means all advocates for Wisconsin kids & the public schools they deserve should submit written comments by Wednesday in order to make your voice heard by the Joint Finance Committee! The question to ask is: Have I done everything I can to speak up, so our lawmakers and our communities know what’s at stake for kids in the budget process?

Here is the direct link to submit written budget testimony to the Joint Committee on Finance: https://legis.wisconsin.gov/topics/budgetcomments/submit-comment/.  There is also one more opportunity to testify live in person! Team Public will be in Minocqua on Wednesday, April 26, 2023, to speak with public school champions at the final budget hearing at Lakeland Union High School. If you can make it, we encourage you to arrive early — we’ll be holding a press event outside at 9am! Wear some pro-public swag and come say hi to our team! 

There are resources available! 

Our Budget HQ at WisconsinNetwork.org/budget outlines the budget process, what it means for kids and public schools, recaps the first three public hearings (spoiler alert: public education issues are the most common priority raised so far), and provides guidance on how to write, deliver, and amplify your testimony. We’re also housing excellent testimonies already submitted to us from individuals and school districts, and we encourage you to use these as templates!   Be sure to take a simple extra step when you submit testimony.

As Budget Ambassadors, we know our audience isn’t just lawmakers, but the general public. Email your testimony directly to the members of the Joint Committee on Finance, CC your own lawmakers, and be sure to send it to us, too, so we can share! Share your story on social media, at meetings and gatherings — we want all who live in Wisconsin to understand what’s at stake. #CourageIsContagious #AccountabilityInAction  

Reach out if we can help! We look forward to seeing some of you in Minocqua on Wednesday and many more of you online delivering your state budget stories. 


P.S. In case you missed it…registration for our Summer Summit on August 10 in South Milwaukee is now live! Visit WisconsinNetwork.org/summit to get your ticket now for this one-of-a-kind event. P.P.S. Our friends at All In Wisconsin are offering a very cool communications opportunity for rural Wisconsin organizers! Their expertise has been instrumental for public education champions seeking to combat racism and keep the focus on kids — we encourage rural organizers for public education to apply.
LOCAL LEVEL ACTION. STATEWIDE IMPACT. Wisconsin Public Education Network is a project of the Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools, a nonprofit, nonpartisan public education advocacy organization. To support our work, donate here!

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