Ottawa, April 28-30, 2023: Palestine Liberation Conference

 Join us at the Liberation Conference!

The Liberation Conference is fast approaching. We can’t wait to see you in Ottawa this coming weekend. This weekend promises to be an engaging, important conversation of dedicated activists and organizers for the liberation of Palestine, planning for the next steps for liberation from the river to the sea.  

We invite you to join us! Below are just a few of the discussions, workshops and panels that will take place over the weekend. As a reminder, the Friday and Saturday conference is open only to approved registrants! 

Please register today to confirm your spot and to receive venue information and details.  

ALL are invited to join us for the LIBERATION MARCH FOR MAY DAY, on Sunday, April 30, at 2 pm, starting at the Human Rights Monument (220 Elgin Street) in Ottawa! This is a grassroots initiative, and your donations are helping to make it possible, particularly to support accommodations for youth and students.  

Make a donation: Send an e-transfer to
CashApp: $LibConf

Topics on the agenda will include: 

  • The Internal Palestinian Situation — Rejecting Oslo and Building the Unit of all Fronts for the Liberation of Palestine
  • Palestinian Political Prisoners — Breaking the Chains, Leading the Resistance, Fighting for Palestine
  • Palestine is an Anti-Imperialist Cause — The International People’s Tribunal on US Imperialism: Sanctions, Blockades, Coercive Economic Measures
  • The Global Struggle: Rising Poles — The Rise of China and the Crisis of US and Zionist Legitimacy and Stability
  • Indigenous, Black and Palestinian Liberation — Making revolutionary connections, confronting imperialism, Zionism and reaction
  • Scholarly Perspectives on Liberation — Interventions on joint struggle, Western complicity and the history and present of the Arab cause
  • Confronting Zionism: Building the Boycott Movement, from the labour movement to student organizations
  • Palestinian Liberation and Workers’ Liberation – Workers on the front lines of struggle

We invite you to join us in Ottawa on Algonquin Anishaabe Land between April 28-30, 2023 for a conference for collective liberation and confrontation of colonialism linking Indigenous, Black, Palestinian and workers’ liberation movements.

This gathering will focus specifically on building the liberation struggle in North America. 

The program will include:

  • Friday, April 28: Palestine Forum (10 am – 8 pm) – A gathering of activists, organizers and strugglers developing a strategic plan for our collective movement.
  • Saturday, April 29: Liberation Conference (10 am – 8 pm) –  Workshops, panel discussions and strategy sessions on a variety of topics, including the People’s Tribunal on US Imperialism, the Holy Land 5 and Palestinian Prisoners, Indigenous and Black Liberation, Filipino and Palestinian Struggles, and Labour and Working-Class Organizing. 
  • Sunday, April 30: Return And Liberation March in Ottawa –  2:00 pm, Human Rights Monument, 220 Elgin Street, Ottawa: Take the streets in a march against settler colonialism and imperialism and for liberation! On the 75th anniversary of the ongoing Nakba, we march for collective liberation.

Organizations and activists working to achieve this and in support of our key principles are invited to attend and participate.

This conference is taking place on the unceded and unsurrendered land of the Algonquin Anishinaabe Nation. We stand in full solidarity with Indigenous struggles for self-determination and sovereignty and against Canadian and U.S. settler colonialism.

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