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Thank you Henry from Jamaica NY for your $10 dollars.  Thank you Alfonso for your $35 dollar sent from SCI Phoenix and your inmate account. Thank you Judith from Manhattan, NY for the $60 you gave.  Thank you Jeanine for your note and $35 you sent us from Asheville, North Carolina. Bonnie, thank you for your decades of work and your $10 from Kenilworth NJ, and Audrey thank you for your $24 from Miami, Florida.

This solidarity keeps our phones ringing, postcards campaigns being amplified and visits happening.  It maintains the connection with all of the folks inside.   

Yesterday Uhuru Rowe called us from prison in Virginia.  He was granted clemency.  He will be free in 2025.  He told us that Prison Radio was key to his release.  Two of the main supporters who worked with him to gain clemency signed on to help after hearing his broadcasts. 

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Prison Radio is the lifeline that will bring him home Uhuru, ah but really you are that life line.  Uhuru is going to continue to report from inside, and to organize until he is released!  Yesterday he put incarcerated women in Virginia in touch with us, because knows their voices need to be heard. 

We are working hard to offer links from the inside to the outside: and we need your help. 

Please take a moment and make a gift today. 

Here at Prison Radio we know that bringing the voices of those inside to the airwaves is a sure fire way to honor their humanity.  It is a key way to maximize their agency.  It is an avenue for their voices to lead the movement.  So they can define their own work and to tell the truth of this monstrous misuse of public funds. Without this window, the conditions, experiences, and the beautiful resilience would be kept hidden, and kept secret. We cannot build a world without prisons unless we let incarcerated people lead the public discourse.

Yes, this is also a call to alms. And we need some cash to literally keep the lights on.  This work is complicated and expensive. We don’t have foundation funding. We need your help now more than ever. Please dig into your pockets and share with us what you can.

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If you got this far, let me share with you what it means to keep people in touch with each other.  First we have the broadcast studio and airwaves and the engineers that record and polish and edit the sound.  Then we have a hard copy mailing list of 14,059 names, with every contact and every donation since 1999.  We have an active email list of 6,124 names.  Keeping the information (mailings and eblasts) flowing requires infrastructure.  We are upgrading our database to Donor Perfect from a custom Filemaker database.  In the next few weeks it will require $4800 to transfer ie migrate the data from our relational database and then $465 a month to keep it up and running (the cost of the software licenses and all the bells and whistles: website integration and replacing our eblast software and webstore.  It will actually be cheaper and more efficient than how we have data siloed now.  The reason that having this database is important is because it is means we can leverage this power, these voices on the outside for folks on the inside- from postcard campaigns to phone zaps to actual on the ground organizing.

This shift means our staff will be able to spend more time organizing and supporting our correspondents. It also means we need to raise $10,380.   We ask for your help every month, because have an “all in” philosophy. 

We trust you.
We know that when you can give, you will give. 
We honor every gift. 
We know you are there with us, even when you cannot give.

Donate Now

Here is a little known fact, any gift of any amount will keep you on the hard copy mailing list for 3 yrs. Postcards, stickers, art will arrive at your doorstep, even if you give $.25 cents. 

You are our lifeline.    

These program upgrades are calculated risks, the pushing toward freedom is worth it!   

We trust that knowing what it will take, you can and will help today, as together we bring folks’ voices out and ultimately win their freedom.

When We Fight, We Win,

Noelle Hanrahan, Esq. P.I.  & Jennifer

Co-Directors of Prison Radio

P.s. We are looking for capital gifts to create an endowment and purchase a new building or in the alternative significantly upgrade our shared cooperative SF building.  If this is something, you are capable of helping with please contact Noelle at 415-793-7958.  As we all think about the present and the future, it is time to make some plans, for our correspondents’ voices to be heard. 
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