Minocqua, WI, April 26, 2023: State Budget Joint Finance Committee Hearing – Money for the People Not the Rich!

2023 Lakeland Union High School, 9573 State Highway 70, Minocqua.

The state of Wisconsin has a biennial budget. The state budget that will govern our state’s taxes and spending from July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2025, was recently proposed by Governor Evers.

The state legislature is now in control of the budget. The “Joint Committee on Finance” is a team of 16 Senators and Assembly Representatives who will make their own recommendations to the other members of the legislature.

As part of that process, the Joint Finance Committee holds hearings, at which any Wisconsinite can speak for (usually) 2 minutes.

Public comment:  https://legis.wisconsin.gov/topics/budgetcomments/submit-comment/

Contact: David Liners – WISDOM office@wisdomwisconsin.org

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