Railroad Workers United (RWU) Solidarity With Truckers Movement for Justice (TMJ) – Rally in Washington, DC on May Day 2023!

(Editor’s Note: Railroad Workers United works alongside other workers’ organizations along the supply chain. Truckers Movement for Justice (TMJ) has been a worthy ally of rail workers in recent years. We continue to build bridges with longshore workers, truckers, warehouse workers, and others in the logistics sector. We can achieve a lot working together along the supply chain!)
Truckers Movement for Justice (TMJ) to Rally in Washington, DC on May First
Trucker’s Movement for Justice (TMJ), a grass roots trucking labor group representing all aspects of trucking, is announcing a protest to be held on May 1, 2023.

The protest will take place at the U.S.DOT building, Washington DC 7 AM to 4 PM. TMJ has held meetings and exchanged correspondence with the USDOT, USDOL and FMCSA in recent years. In addition, we have made our voices heard by attending a Presidential White House event concerning President Biden’s Trucking Action Plan.

The issues raised at the meeting and through other correspondence have not been resolved and no solutions have been presented to date.

The issues at hand are:

1. Truckers must be afforded the right to see the freight bill. Brokers steal BILLIONS from drivers and shippers every year by not allowing them to see the original freight bill and negotiating their rates, which is legally REQUIRED by FMCSA. See, generally, 49 C.F.R. Sections 300-399.

2. All hours worked should be hours paid. Most truck drivers are NOT paid by the hour, they are paid by the mile, and they do NOT get paid for untold hours a week that they must idle in traffic as part of their job. This results in massive WAGE THEFT, drivers working 20 hours or more a day, and in the end, they make LESS than minimum wage. If you wonder why trucking has turnover rates of OVER 100%, this is the reason.

3. Overtime for truckers. Truck drivers, by the FLSA, do NOT get overtime pay no matter how many hours they work. See Section 13(b)(1) of the FLSA. This also results in a massive turnover in the industry. We want to be treated and paid like everyone else in the supply chain.

We hope to see you in Washington, DC at the Protest!

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