Zoom Event April 29, 2023 – Solidarity with Mexican Ford workers in 1990

Dear friends and allies,
Autoworkers are holding a virtual presentation this Saturday, April 29 at 3:30 PM ET with Rob McKenzie, the author of

El Golpe – US Labor, the CIA and the Coup at Ford in Mexico.

Zoom – 3:30 pm ET – Saturday, April 29

to attend, register here


Over the past year, UAW members fought for and won the right to directly elect their national and regional officers. Against all odds, they elected a reform slate into positions of power, including the President. This unprecedented action was a response by workers who were fed up with a union bureaucracy that they concluded was serving the companies at their expense.

In Mexico, they have a name for this: “protection unions” which, behind the workers’ backs, negotiated self-serving “protection contracts.” In Mexico, like in the UAW, there’s been a decades-long rebellion against the sell-outs. Here’s the back story to a 1990 rebellion by Mexican Ford workers which ended in bloodshed and death. The UAW and AFL-CIO bureaucrats – in cahoots with the US government – were on the wrong side. How do we know we will be on the right side now?

Join us for an informative discussion with former UAW Local 879 (Ford Minneapolis-St Paul) President Rob McKenzie, who fought against the leadership to support the Mexican Ford workers.

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In solidarity,

Frank Hammer

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