Day of Action in Solidarity with the Haitian People April 27, 2023

Join the Haiti Action Committee!

All Out Phone, Email, and Twitter Blast to Congress 

and President Biden throughout the Day

Demand the following:

  • Stop the massacres! Stop using our tax dollars to fund the brutal Haitian National Police and affiliated death squads
  • Stop supporting the dictatorship of Ariel Henry
  • Stop blocking, attacking, and deporting Haitian refugees
  • Support the Haitian people’s struggle for liberation and their own transition government free from interference by the US and the Core Group 
  • End the occupation! Sovereignty and self-determination for Haiti

Call, tweet, and email these demands to your Representatives in the House by going to ​​, your Senators by going to, and President Biden by going to

Call between 11 AM and 3 PM EST or 8 AM to Noon PT. Tweet Biden @POTUS and text him at 302-404-0880.

Call or tweet UN Secretary-General António Guterres with the same demands ph: (212) 963-7160 and tweet him at @antonioguterresA

For information on what is happening in Haiti and the US role, read Haiti: the “Truth Speaks for Itself” by Robert Roth

For information on WHY US funding for the Haitian National Police should be stopped, read US Tax Dollars at Work: Neocolonial Dictatorship, Paramilitary and Police Terror in Haiti Today  by Seth Donnelly

For more information on the Haiti Action Committee, go to

To donate to the grassroots movement in Haiti, go to

List of endorsing organizations is in progress.

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