Black Lives Remain in Danger Throughout the United States

Jayland Walker’s killers are not indicted in Akron while 16-year-old Ralph Yarl is shot by white homeowner in Missouri

By Abayomi Azikiwe

April 22, 2023

Even after three years of mass demonstrations and urban rebellions in the United States, law-enforcement agencies and the entire legal system are still “justifying” the shooting deaths of African Americans and other oppressed peoples.

Jayland Walker, 25, was killed on June 27, 2022, after being chased outside his vehicle by the Akron, Ohio police. Walker was shot 46 times by eight different officers. All together the eight police officers fired 96 shots within 6.7 seconds. Walker had no criminal record and was employed as a delivery driver for DoorDash.

These police officers involved in the killing said they felt threatened by Walker who was running away after leaving his vehicle. The law-enforcement agents said that Walker had fired a shot at them during the chase.

At the time of his shooting death, Walker did not have any firearms on his person. A weapon was retrieved from his vehicle which he had abandoned in an effort to save his own life. It would take another ten months for a special grand jury to decide on April 17 that the killing of Walker did not warrant indictments against the officers….

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