Remembering Kent State and Jackson State

On May 4, 1970 at Kent State University, the Ohio National Guard opened fire on a crowd gathered to protest the Vietnam War. Four students were killed and nine were wounded. In its immediate aftermath, a student-led strike forced the temporary closure of colleges and universities across the country.

Phillip Lafayette Gibbs, 21-year-old law student & James Earl Green, 17-year-old high school student.
Jackson State College, 1970
Mississippi Clay
Terry Leonino & Greg Artzner

On May 15, 1970 at Jackson State College, Mississippi police opened fire on a crowd of students killing two and wounding twelve. Racial tension between white motorists who traveled through campus, a false rumor about the assassination of Fayette mayor Charles Evers, the Vietnam War and the Kent State shootings contributed to the students’ protest.

Learn more about the tragedy that occurred

at Jackson State College. This video was produced by

Jackson State University, Office of Communications.

Click here.

Allison Krause, William Schroeder, Sandra Scheuer & Jeffrey Miller.
Kent State University, 1970
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

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