Solidarity With Trader Joe’s United Workers!

Trader Joe’s may have a progressive image, but the way they’ve acted since we formed a union shows that they are corporate to the core. Openly, they’re mimicking the union-busting tactics of Starbucks and Amazon to intimidate workers from unionizing.

If you’re reading this email, we know you don’t support that. But also, it might be hard to continue to shop at a store that you know is treating workers badly, even if you do really like the products.

And right now, we don’t want you to stop shopping at Trader Joe’s either – we want to be able to work together with our employer to create a better working environment for everyone. So, here’s a suggestion for how to handle the situation:

Have you been to Trader Joe’s recently? Then in honor of the workers who helped you, but aren’t being treated well by corporate, make a solidarity donation to support organizing them! It’s a win-win for all of us.

At the end of the day, all we want is for Trader Joe’s to live up to its image. Outwardly, corporate tries to project a vibe of integrity and support for all of its workers. Sadly, we’ve found out firsthand that it’s just not true.

And I’m sure you’re not happy to hear that either. It’s not fun to learn that a store you love, especially one staffed by crew members that make your day brighter, treats people badly! So the idea that your purchases help pad the profit line of that same corporation just sucks.

But there can be a bright future ahead of us. Unionized stores can use their collective power to win better wages and working conditions, and truly embody the ideals of integrity Trader Joe’s is supposed to be about. Make a solidarity donation to workers and help make that dream a reality here >>

Your donation doesn’t have to be huge to make a big difference. If you spent $50 on groceries, a 10% solidarity contribution of $5 is all that’s needed from a critical mass of progressives to win these organizing battles.

In Solidarity,

Trader Joe’s United

Trader Joe’s United is an independent labor union 100% founded and powered by Trader Joe’s workers. All of TJU’s leadership roles are filled by crew members. We are bagging groceries and stocking shelves while building this movement, writing proposals, and helping other stores organize. It’s not just a catchphrase–we literally are the union.

Instead of allowing the free and fair elections they promised their workers, or bargaining in good faith, Trader Joe’s has hired a union-busting law firm and is fighting us every step of the way.

Trader Joe’s has fired union supporters, threatened and coerced workers, and continues to drag their feet at the bargaining table.

That’s what we’re up against. And we can only win with your help. Can you donate today?

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