A World Without Prisons: Requires Connections

If you have ever opened up one of our emails and been inspired, whether we made you laugh or cry, we have made a connection. 

I would like to ask you to honor that connection by stepping up as we take another “all in”, risk.  We are growing, and building. 

We need $2,298 by the end of this week to turn on, our new top of the line, database.  That is the cash outlay. Then we will need to learn how to drive it.  But first things first.  We have to invest in the power of an integrated database to manage our 14K records and 6500 email contacts.

We can only do great things if a) we have the inspiration to get the story & b) the right tools. You can help us get the right tool at the right time. Anyone who has built anything knows that that tools matter.

We owe it to the folks we record to amplify their stories, to reach people and media outlets consistently. That is what you would be helping us do today.  This new database will be like shooting with a Canon EOS-1D X Mark III DSLR** or recording with a Telos Digital Telephone interface and Sound Devices 702 recorder.  

If we can build out the new database, if we can do that with your help, that will increase our connectivity and efficiency. We need just 50 people to click on this link.   Please help us honor the courageous folks inside and ensure that their humanity is realized.

As a non-profit organization that works directly with prisoners, we rely on the generosity of people like you to keep the lights on, data flowing, and our correspondent’s voices reaching the airwaves.  Through our Prison Radio program, we provide a vital avenue for incarcerated individuals to express themselves, tell their stories, and lead the movement towards a world without prisons. But our work is not easy, and it certainly isn’t cheap. Without foundation funding, we rely on donations from supporters like you to keep our mission alive. We believe that incarcerated individuals should be the ones leading the public discourse on this issue. And with your help, we can continue to provide the platform for their voices to be heard. So please donate today and help with the last $2,298 dollars of our $10,380 goal.

Every donation, no matter how small, will help us to continue our vital work and bring the voices of those inside to the airwaves. Thank you for your support, and for standing with us.

When We Fight, We Win,

Noelle Hanrahan, Esq. P.I.  & Jennifer Beach
Co-Directors of Prison Radio

P.s. We also looking for large capital gifts to create an endowment and purchase a new building or in the alternative significantly upgrade our shared cooperative SF building.  If this is something, you are capable of helping with please contact Noelle Hanrahan at 415-793-7958.  As we all think about the present and the future, it is time to make some plans, for our correspondents’ voices to be heard. 

*Canon EOS-1D X Mark III DSLR* Which we also need because our Nikon DSLR was stolen last year, but that 3-5K will have to be put on hold till we can do it.

*A quick thank you to Thomas Master’s for building our custom and robust filemaker database in 1999, it is amazing, but now we need an integrated platform. Thomas went from Prison Radio staff person to Prison Law Office lawyer, and now works at the Marin Public Defenders. One of his first careers was as a database guru.
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