Solidarity with Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Workers on Strike!

Looking for a moment of solidarity? You’ll find it at Bottlerocket Social Hall in Allentown between 1-4 p.m. Saturday, May 20, during an event benefiting two groups pushing back against well-financed business interests doing true harm to their communities — striking workers at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and residents of East Palestine, Ohio, still reeling from a train derailment earlier this year.

The Solidarity Fundraiser features live music by, among other acts, the May Day Marching Band, as well as drink specials and raffles. A suggested door donation is set at $12.

Will you sign up in advance to be there? This will help us fill the hall, and make the event extra memorable.

The event is organized by the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh, the union representing PG newsroom workers, and the Clean Air Council, an environmental nonprofit providing relief and resources to East Palestine. Your attendance will help us both maintain our efforts.

Will you RSVP today?

In Solidarity,

Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh

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