Protest the G7 Summit in Hiroshima, Japan – May 19, 2023 Webinar

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The G7 countries (The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Japan, with the EU in observer status), which represent the biggest Western economies will be meeting this month in, of all places, Hiroshima, Japan. We can be sure that high on their agenda will be financing more killing and war in Ukraine. Ironically, they chose to meet in Hiroshima where the US dropped the first nuclear bomb on people. Today, the war in Ukraine brings us ever closer to a nuclear war that could destroy the planet and everyone on it.

Additionally, sanctions, many tied to the Ukraine war, have brought countries together to resist this attack on their economies and people. Alternative banking, trade and economic institutions are coming together and are challenging US and Western hegemony.

The G7 meeting in Japan comes at a time that the US is threatening China and moving more forces and bases to Asia. At the last NATO summit in Madrid, they decided that NATO should become a world-wide military alliance with Russia and China as its main targets.

Progressive forces will be protesting the G7 in Japan calling for an end to their wars and economic bullying. There will be protest marches and an alternative summit meeting. UNAC administrative committee member and spokes person for the Filipino alliance BAYAN. USA, Rhonda Ramiro will be present along with other people from the US and from many other countries.

UNAC will be holding a webinar with some of the people at the protest to report on it and discuss the G7 and the increased U.S. and NATO militarization in the Asia/Pacific region.
Speakers include:
Cody Urban – ILPS
Rhonda Ramiro UNAC, BAYAN USA
Rosario Bella Guzman IBON Foundation
Yoshio Nakamua ILPS and Asia-Wide Campaign (on people’s resistance

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