Trader Joes United Union: We haven’t forgotten about the Writers Guild members on strike!

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) is still on strike as they wait for the production studios to right the wrongs of the previous contract and ensure writers are paid what they’re owed for their work.  

Since the last contract was bargained, the way people watch movies at home has changed in a way that has massive financial benefits for studios but leaves writers, actors, directors, and craftspeople impoverished. Instead of trying to make up for what creatives lost in the transition to streaming, Hollywood studios are tightening the screws and trying to take even more.

All the WGA has asked at the bargaining table is to be paid what they’re owed, but production companies refused to put their workers’ livelihoods ahead of their ability to maximize corporate profits, even if it makes movies and television worse.

Striking is difficult, and it’s clear that these major production studios (including Amazon, Netflix, & HBO) are hoping to make an example of writers before the actor’s and directors guild’s contracts expire at the end of June. We need to keep showing solidarity with workers who are demanding a fair share of the profits they generate―whether that’s grocery workers, warehouse workers, baristas, or Hollywood writers. This is one fight.

As long as the strike continues, Trader Joe’s United is standing in solidarity with the Writers Guild of America! Join us by signing the petition and showing your support for striking workers!

Sign Now!

Trader Joe’s United is all too familiar with the anti-negotiation tactics that these production studios are using.

While they’re trying to spin narratives about TV show cancellations and lost revenue, the people being the most impacted by this strike continue to be the members of the WGA themselves, who cannot afford to be paid pennies on the dollar for their work anymore.

Sign the petition and support the WGA!

In solidarity,

Trader Joe’s United

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