Kenosha, May 24, 2023: ATU 998 Rally for Just Contract! – Solidarity With Transit Workers!

Join Kenosha transit workers, members of ATU Local 998, tomorrow to rally for a fair contract. Let’s send a powerful message to the City of Kenosha that the transit system can’t operate without transit workers.

Date: Wednesday May 24, 9:20 a.m.- 11:20 a.m
Location: Downtown Kenosha Transfer Center, 54th St. at 7th Avenue.

Transit workers contract demands:
Raises for all transit workers that meet the cost of living.
More full time positions.
Juneteenth as a paid holiday.
Protect overtime pay.
Workers deserve a contract with raises to keep up with the cost of living and more full-time positions to cover all routes and better serve Kenosha riders!

Samantha Winslow, ATU (323) 215-8468

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