Tell Nationwide: Stop Cop City!

In previous months, we wrote to you about the environmental destruction and state-sponsored police oppression surrounding the project known as Cop City.

Preparation for the construction of Cop City in Atlanta, Georgia continues to move forward — and we need your help to stop it.

Can you make a phone call today to insurers of Cop City and ask them to do the morally right thing and reject this project? Recently in Atlanta:

  • Multiple protesters were (again) denied bail, and remain stuck in jail – some being held simply because they were found with mud on their shoes, or for allegedly putting up posters.
  • Hundreds of people spoke out against Cop City at a recent Atlanta City Council meeting, ahead of a June 5th vote to allocate $30 million to the facility from the city’s budget. As one public commenter said, “We do not need a school for assassins.” Not one person spoke out in favor of the facility at the hearing.
  • Organizers in Atlanta are gearing up for a Week of Action happening in the city from June 24 – July 1. They’re calling for a Weelaunee Summer.

Pressure is needed against all the companies and individuals involved in the Cop City project. One way you can help is to pressure Nationwide to drop the project. Nationwide subsidiary Scottsdale Insurance is one of three companies that provide insurance coverage for the construction of Cop City — without insurance, development cannot proceed.

Take action and demand that Nationwide cut their contract and Stop Cop City!

Can you call two Nationwide executives directly? We give you their phone numbers and a handy call script here.

After you’ve made the phone call, please take one further action and send an email to the executives at all three companies providing insurance to Cop City.

In solidarity,
– the Stop the Money Pipeline team

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