Stand Up Fight Back! Rally at state capitol Tuesday, June 14

No union-busting in Wisconsin!

A message from the WI AFL-CIO:

Brothers and Sisters,

Republicans have called an “extraordinary session” to begin tomorrow, Tuesday June 14.  The rules are different in this session.  Debate will be limited, democracy will be circumvented and the balance will greatly tip in favor of ramming through an anti-worker, anti-family, anti-community agenda.

Come bear witness to this denial of democracy.  The Assembly will open at 11:00 am, tomorrow, June 14.  Please take part in democracy and bear witness to this extreme attack on the people of Wisconsin.

Join us tomorrow, Tuesday, June 14, as we continue to stand strong against a budget that guts public schools, attacks health care, raises taxes on workers and seniors, and jeopardizes public services like police and fire.  All while handing over $300 million a year in tax breaks to the rich.

It is also expected that Scott Walker will ram through his attacks on collective bargaining and union workers into the state budget.  Click here to sign the petition to stop the attacks on Wisconsin workers.  Tell Scott Walker to take his union-busting agenda out of the state budget.

Rally at the Capitol: The People vs. Scott Walker, Tuesday, June 14
11:00 a.m. – Assembly begins debate / Marchers begin at Walkerville at the capitol
5:30 p.m. – Peoples Rally Against Walker at the Square and State St

For more information:

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