Stop the politicians now! Shut It Down! No illegal, anti-people, racist budget! Surround the capitol!

WI Bail Out the People Movement

Stop the politicians now,
No illegal, anti-people, racist budget
Surround the Capitol

Why did the legislature call an “extraordinary session?”  To throw
out rules for notice, debate and amendments — close out the strong
voice of the working women and men, young and old, immigrant,
senior, Native, African-American, Latino/a and white, rural and in-
ner-city — and stampede through an anti-people, racist budget, to get
their dirty work done before the July recall elections. They want to
sneak past the working class occupations and militant mobilization
in every corner of the state that has held back their agenda for 100

Now the bought and paid for Courts say the ban on public workers’
collective bargaining is okay.

Walker, the Koch Brothers, and the Bradley Foundation are not
just some bad apples in Wisconsin. Politicians, banks, corporations
and the war machine are squeezing the working class to pay for the
global capitalist crisis. They are stealing the futures of youth and
students. We have a right to stop them – no business as usual.

Walker and his buddies won’t let the people in the “peoples’ house”
— let’s build a peoples’ wall — arm in arm — around the Capitol and
tell them “you shall not pass, and neither will your budget.”

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