Whose House? Our House? Rally 12 noon June 15, state capitol

Wednesday, June 15

Rally 12 noon

State Street Side

Rally to demand the capitol be returned to the people!

Join the People’s Rights Campaign and the Labor/Community Network at a rally and march to demand that the State Capitol be returned to the people of Wisconsin by making the building fully accessible and open to the public – as has been the State’s policy for many years.

People’s Rights Campaign is dedicated to fighting for:
*A just taxation system in which corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share
*Living wage jobs
*The right to collectively organize and bargain
*Quality, affordable public education in the public domain
*Quality and affordable healthcare
*Protection of our environment
*Access to healthy food and quality housing
*A secure retirement
*Strengthened human, civil and immigrant rights

To find out more or to join the People’s Rights Campaign visit www.PeoplesRightsCampaign.org.

Stop the politicians now! Shut It Down! No illegal, anti-people, racist budget! Surround the capitol!

WI Bail Out the People Movement

Stop the politicians now,
No illegal, anti-people, racist budget
Surround the Capitol

Why did the legislature call an “extraordinary session?”  To throw
out rules for notice, debate and amendments — close out the strong
voice of the working women and men, young and old, immigrant,
senior, Native, African-American, Latino/a and white, rural and in-
ner-city — and stampede through an anti-people, racist budget, to get
their dirty work done before the July recall elections. They want to
sneak past the working class occupations and militant mobilization
in every corner of the state that has held back their agenda for 100

Now the bought and paid for Courts say the ban on public workers’
collective bargaining is okay.

Walker, the Koch Brothers, and the Bradley Foundation are not
just some bad apples in Wisconsin. Politicians, banks, corporations
and the war machine are squeezing the working class to pay for the
global capitalist crisis. They are stealing the futures of youth and
students. We have a right to stop them – no business as usual.

Walker and his buddies won’t let the people in the “peoples’ house”
— let’s build a peoples’ wall — arm in arm — around the Capitol and
tell them “you shall not pass, and neither will your budget.”

Stand Up Fight Back! Rally at state capitol Tuesday, June 14

No union-busting in Wisconsin!

A message from the WI AFL-CIO:

Brothers and Sisters,

Republicans have called an “extraordinary session” to begin tomorrow, Tuesday June 14.  The rules are different in this session.  Debate will be limited, democracy will be circumvented and the balance will greatly tip in favor of ramming through an anti-worker, anti-family, anti-community agenda.

Come bear witness to this denial of democracy.  The Assembly will open at 11:00 am, tomorrow, June 14.  Please take part in democracy and bear witness to this extreme attack on the people of Wisconsin.

Join us tomorrow, Tuesday, June 14, as we continue to stand strong against a budget that guts public schools, attacks health care, raises taxes on workers and seniors, and jeopardizes public services like police and fire.  All while handing over $300 million a year in tax breaks to the rich.

It is also expected that Scott Walker will ram through his attacks on collective bargaining and union workers into the state budget.  Click here to sign the petition to stop the attacks on Wisconsin workers.  Tell Scott Walker to take his union-busting agenda out of the state budget.

Rally at the Capitol: The People vs. Scott Walker, Tuesday, June 14
11:00 a.m. – Assembly begins debate / Marchers begin at Walkerville at the capitol
5:30 p.m. – Peoples Rally Against Walker at the Square and State St

For more information: http://www.wisaflcio.org/

ALL OUT to Madison Tuesday, June 14!

Alert! Action! The Wisconsin legislature declared an “extraordinary session” — beginning on June 14, aimed before the July elections — to bulldoze through their anti-working class budget agenda by suspending any rules for advance notice, debate and amendments.

Isn’t it time for labor and community, our co-workers and neighbors together, students and teachers, to suspend whatever remains of ‘business as usual?’ Take back the Capitol, surround it! Expand Walkerville, in numbers so strong that they can’t even reach the doors!

Let’s have a Solidarity Mobilization right here in Wisconsin with sisters and brothers from Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and more joining us.

We say no to the racist, sexist, anti-gay Koch brothers, bankers and the the capitalist class behind them!

Click here for more info on Facebook.

Wisconsin youth, workers turn Capitol into tent city

The spirit of resistance is alive across the state of Wisconsin. From the first eruption of struggle here in February, when Gov. Scott Walker introduced a union-busting bill, and as attacks on working and oppressed people have broadened and sharpened, youth and students have played a decisive role, helping to advance and build the fightback.

Young people were the backbone of the historic three-week occupation of the Wisconsin State Capitol Building in Madison in February and March. They’ve led mass walkouts at high schools and universities in solidarity with their teachers and other workers under attack. And they held down a 67-day occupation at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee — the longest such occupation in U.S. history. At each stage of the struggle, young people have led these actions in principled solidarity with workers and oppressed peoples. This solidarity has helped the struggle here mature to the current level.

In the last week alone, young people have helped to lead bold and militant initiatives, including building a “Walkerville” tent city occupation in Madison. This has opened up phase two in the expanding fightback against union busting, austerity and the myriad attacks being directed at workers and oppressed people.

On June 6 the Fire Fighters union, National Nurses United, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, and farmers, students and community organizations held a demonstration in Madison of several thousand people against the budget, the union-busting bill and austerity. With the firefighters in the lead, the march stepped off from Fire Station 1, several blocks from the Capitol. After marching through streets around the Capitol, the demonstration stopped in front of M&I Bank.

With chants of “Banks got bailed out, we got sold out,” several dozen demonstrators, mostly young people, entered the bank lobby. After a 15-minute standoff with the police, they were ejected, but the bank had been successfully shut down and the blame for the crisis was placed squarely where it belongs — on the banks.

Tuition for undocumented students under attack

On June 2 the Joint Finance Committee of the Wisconsin legislature was scheduled to discuss deep cuts to education, including a repeal of in-state tuition for undocumented students. Just two years ago in-state tuition for undocumented students was won in the state, after years of struggle led by Voces de la Frontera, a major immigrant rights group in Wisconsin.

More than 50 high school students from the Milwaukee and Racine areas who are with the youth arm of Voces, YES! (Youth Empowered in the Struggle), packed the meeting shortly before it was scheduled to begin. They were dressed in graduation gowns with signs around their necks that read “What’s Next?” More than 50 other students and community members turned out for the meeting.

While the meeting was scheduled to begin at 1 p.m., the committee didn’t begin the session until six hours later, around 7 p.m. It was clear this tactic was meant to wait out the immigrant rights activists and supporters, in hopes they would become frustrated and leave. The tactic failed.

Once the meeting started, Voces Executive Director Christine Neumann-Ortiz, former UW Regent and immigrant rights activist Jesus Salas, Milwaukee Public School Board Director Larry Miller, and Racine Education Association union member and high school teacher Al Levie stood up and began reading a statement condemning the committee for attempting to eliminate in-state tuition for undocumented students and impose deep cuts on public education. They were all carried out of the meeting by state police and other cops.

For the next hour, various people, young and older, stood up and began reading from the statement, effectively shutting the meeting down. Young people in the crowd also led chants that rocked the room.

More than 30 people were hauled out of the meeting, including Lee Abbott, past co-president of the Milwaukee Graduate Assistants Association-American Federation of Teachers at UW-Milwaukee. The following day, when the committee met again, Voces packed the meeting and organized another disruption. Similar numbers of people were removed from that meeting. Continue reading