Nov. 10-11 & Nov. 13-14: Anti-Mining Speakers from El Salvador in Milwaukee

UW-Milwaukee Union room 260 Nov. 13, 6:30 pm
Featuring Brother Domingo Solis
2200 E. Kenwood Blvd., Free and open to the public

Main public event:  Marquette U, Wed., Nov. 14, 7 pm,
Cudahy building room 1, featuring Marvin Garcia and Jan Morrill.

The issues: corporate responsibility, fair trade vs. the CAFTA right for foreign investors to sue governments, the environmental and religious movement trying to save El Salvador’s people and fragile ecosystem.

For info: Steve Watrous, MCALM, Milwaukee, 414-429-7567, Babette Grunow 414-447-8369

All of the speakers will be coming to Good Shepherd parish for the 4:30 pm Saturday mass and to the St. Sebastian’s Sunday morning masses.

They will also be appearing in Madison, Eau Claire and Fray Domingo, 13th of November at Carroll University and at UWMilwaukee at 6:30 pm Union 260.
Brother Domingo Solis would be available for an interview on Nov. 13 during the afternoon and Marvin Garcia would be available on Nov. 14. Both would be available on the weekend.

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