Milwaukee, October 10: Dontre Hamilton Rally For Justice


Dontre Hamilton was shot 14 times by Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney on April 30, 2014 in Red Arrow Park. Its been over 5 months since this shooting took place and the Hamilton Family hasn’t received the answers it deserves. Christpher Manney still has his gun and his badge. The Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn has refused to give us the answers we deserve. The District Attorney John Chisholm refuses to stand on the side of the people.These high ranking officials charged with the protection of the people, have only dehumanized, degraded, and disrespected our people.

The Coalition for Justice is a group of individuals and organizations that have come together to stand up against the brutality of the police and fight for justice in the city of Milwaukee. We are a Direct Action organization aimed at taking the fight of the people straight to the police and our elected officials, not only to demand answers, but push for change. Our slogan, NO JUSTICE, NO COMPROMISE. We are not compromising when it comes to the lives of our brothers and sisters. We will not compromise when it comes to the future of our community.

Join us at Red Arrow Park (1000 N. Water St.) Friday October 10 at 4pm where we will take our fight directly to these decision makers in our city.


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