The FBI Came Looking For Me Today At My Family’s House, I Will Continue To Fight!

By Scott Williams

Hello everyone,

I am writing to let everyone know that the FBI visited my father today with the intention of questioning me about my trip to Syria as an international election observer for the 2014 Syrian Presidential Elections.

In June 2014, I visited Syria (link with the objective of learning the truth about the situation there. This trip was entirely legal and well documented. I visited along with observers representing 32 countries, many of which were members of Parliament and representatives of local governments in countries such as Bolivia, Brazil, Uganda, and beyond. Since then, I have reported on my trip in public meetings at the United Nations, as well as in Buffalo, NY, Rochester, NY, Syracuse, NY, Albany, NY, and where I live in Philadelphia, PA. Since 2007, I have been a committed anti-war activist with many organizations, including Students for a Democratic Society, the International Action Center and several others. The FBI mentioned me as an activist with FIST (Fight Imperialism, Stand Together), of which I am one of the national coordinators.

Why is the FBI coming after me? The FBI’s attempt to question me is not only an attack on me, it is an attack on anyone who chooses to travel the world and seek a perspective that is not represented by the corporate media. The US depends on misinformation and huge lies to perpetrate their crimes abroad. Yet the FBI has picked the wrong person, since I have strong friends and allies across the US who will stand with me in the fight against unjust government repression.

This visit is a continuation of the FBI’s attack on anti-war and international solidarity activists. The FBI has been attempting to charge 24 anti-war and international solidarity activists with “material support of terrorism.” These activist are targeted because have been targeted and face potential long term jail sentences. Please take a moment to look at the (link site for the Committee to Stop FBI Repression, the organization that has fought to defend these 24, as well as Palestinian activist Rasmea Odeh. This is a strong example of the political fightback that is needed to defend activists from Government repression.

These activists are not alone in their treatment. Since 2001, hundreds of Muslim men in the USA have been victims of entrapment, harassment, and false imprisonment simply for their religion.

I strongly encourage all of my friends, co-workers, and family members take a look at the Center for Constitutional Rights’ booklet, entitled “If an Agent Knocks,”
for resources on what to do if the FBI comes to your door. Most importantly, you SHOULD NEVER AGREE TO SPEAK TO THE FBI WITHOUT A LAWYER present and really you should never speak with the FBI. You can simply say, “I do not wish to speak with you. I will have my lawyer contact you,’ and then immediately close the door.

Most of us do not have a lawyer, but if you or a family member is contacted by the FBI, you should contact the National Lawyers Guild immediately as well as other activists who have been dealt with this government intimidation before.

As soon as this happened, I called Sara Flounders, the co-director of the International Action Center, to discuss our strategy to stop this FBI intimidation. We decided to make a clear statement as public as possible, we will not be silent as you attempt to attack those who choose to speak out against unjust US foreign policy. In fact, we will use any attack on my freedom to continue to build a movement against government repression. It is in this spirit that I am writing you all today.

As Reverend Martin Luther King Jr said, “The bombs in Vietnam explode at home.” With the US wars escalating in Syria, Iraq and beyond, we see that US war has only caused massive devastation for the people of the world, while bringing in huge profits to few. Meanwhile, billions of dollars are taken away from public education and jobs and the government has trampled our basic civil liberties. As the activists in the Committee to Stop FBI Repression have done, I will continue to fight unjust US wars on people across the world, as well as demanding full funding for human needs and an end to the aggressive destruction of our basic civil liberties.

I am not certain what will happen next. While I do have legal help, I hope you all will also stand with me in case of any further attempt at government repression by the FBI.

Another world is possible,
Scott Williams

Scott Williams (holding sign) of Fight Imperialism Stand Together (FIST) participating in a protest against the World Business Forum in New York City October 8, 2014.

Scott Williams (holding sign) of Fight Imperialism Stand Together (FIST) participating in a protest against the World Business Forum in New York City October 8, 2014.

Milwaukee, October 22: The Convening, Mass Meeting To Discuss Dontre Hamilton


The Coalition for Justice will be hosting our first Mass Meeting on Wednesday, October 22nd to discuss the Dontre Hamilton case and our commitment toward pursuing justice for our brothers and sisters who have been brutalized by reckless and negligent police officers in our community. We will convene this mass meet at All Peoples Church (2600 N 2nd St, Milwaukee, WI) where we will hear directly from the family and the coalition for justice, our community members who want to share their voices, and the clergy who have come together to support this effort. In an effort to get everyone active and involved in the movement, we will also be forming committee’s that will aide in the strategic planning of our next steps. While there is no obligation to join a committee, we would love to hear your thoughts and advice on what you believe should be the next action and direction of the coalition. We would love to get as many community members in this space as possible so please invite your friends, family, and colleagues. Students and children are also welcomed. The meeting will last approximately and hour and half (6:00-7:30). Please join us, and let your voice be heard. We are going to continue this fight, and we want you to be apart of securing justice in our city! See you Wednesday!
Hundreds rally at Red Arrow Park in Milwaukee August 22, 2014  to demand justice for Michael Brown, Dontre Hamilton & other Victims of police terror. [Photo: WI BOPM]

Hundreds rally at Red Arrow Park in Milwaukee August 22, 2014 to demand justice for Michael Brown, Dontre Hamilton & other Victims of police terror. [Photo: WI BOPM]

Rasmea Odeh’s Next Hearing In Detroit Is Oct 21: Call, call, call!

Tuesday, Oct 21: Call the prosecutors and tell them, ‘Drop the charges now!’

Call Jonathan Tukel in Detroit at 313-226-9100
Chief of National Security Unit, U.S. Attorney’s office, Eastern District of Michigan

Call Barbara McQuade at 313-226-9501
U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan

When you call say, “Hello, my name is ________, and I am calling from _________ to demand that U.S. Attorney McQuade drop the charges against Rasmea Odeh.

Make the call!

Thursday, Oct. 21, from 9am to 5pm Eastern Time

(first name pronounced Russ-MEE-yuh)

From a recent CSFR statement

Rasmea Yousef Odeh

Rasmea Yousef Odeh

Mumia Abu-Jamal Continues To Speak – In The Face Of The Right Wing Effort To Silence His Voice

Mumia Abu-Jamal Radio Broadcasts:

Professor, Author and Activist Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Professor, Author and Activist Mumia Abu-Jamal.

US Marine Murders Filipino Transwoman, Filipina-Americans Demand Justice

For Immediate Release

October 13, 2014

Reference: Irma Bajar, Vice Chair of International Relations, GABRIELA USA,

U.S. Marine Murders Filipino Trans Woman in the Philippines and Filipina-Americans Demand Justice!

Filipina-American women under GABRIELA USA are outraged by the news of the murder of Jennifer Laude, a 26-year old transgender woman from the Philippines. The suspected murderer, U.S. Marine Corp PFC Joseph Scott Pemberton, was last seen checking into a hotel with Jennifer in Olongapo City, Philippines. Jennifer was later found strangled to death with her head plunged in a toilet bowl. Reminiscent of Lance Corporal Daniel Smith and the historic 2005 rape case of Nicole, Pemberton, suspected of murdering Jennifer, is currently being held in detention aboard a U.S. Navy ship instead of being turned over to Philippine authorities for proper investigation. GABRIELA USA demands accountability and justice for Jennifer’s life, as a trans woman who has fallen victim to U.S. militarization!

“Jennifer’s death is not only a direct impact of U.S. military presence in the Philippines, but her brutal murder further exposes the daily vulnerability of trans women who regularly suffer systemic violence and hate crimes in a patriarchal-imperialist system,” says Pia Cortez, Co-Chairperson of GABRIELA’s San Francisco chapter.

Despite the long history of Filipinos opposing U.S. military occupation in the Philippines and the ever-increasing number of state-sponsored human rights abuses tied to U.S. military occupation, President Aquino continues to hand over Philippine sovereignty by allowing more U.S. troops to occupy Philippine soil through the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) and the recent Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA). At a time when the Obama administration is heightening its position over the Asia Pacific region, more U.S. troops can only mean more cases of violence against women and children.

“Trans women like Jennifer are at a higher risk for violence because we live in a system that delegitimizes their lives,” says Irma Bajar of GABRIELA USA. “Just this summer in the U.S., 8 trans women of color fell victim to hate crimes and murders. Although there is an increase in violence towards trans people worldwide, little is ever done to protect their lives and hold perpetrators accountable. The murder of Jennifer is clearly a hate crime committed by U.S. military personnel, and he must be held accountable by the Philippine justice system!”

GABRIELA USA extends its sympathies to Jennifer’s family, and honors the lives of all trans people who have fallen victim to a system that does not value trans lives and perpetuates a culture of violence. GABRIELA USA will be holding an action in New York and a vigil in San Francisco this Wednesday, October 15th to condemn the murder of Jennifer Laude, and demand for the swift turnover of the U.S. Marine to Philippine authorities.

Justice for Jennifer Laude!

Trans Lives Matter!

US Troops OUT of the Philippines!


Scrap EDCA!

Join us to Demand Justice for Jennifer in New York and San Francisco:

New York

Contact: Irma Bajar,, 206-321-2931

Wednesday, October 15th, 5 PM

Action and Rally in front of the Philippine Embassy

556 Fifth Avenue, New York

Organized by: BAYAN Queer Caucus, GABRIELA New York, and Barangay New York- LGBTQ Pin@ys

San Francisco

Contact: Pia Cortez,, 650-296-3518

Wednesday, October 15th, evening vigil

Time and SF location TBA and posted on

Organized by: GABRIELA San Francisco and BAYAN Bay Area Regional Caucus


The National Caravan In Solidarity With The Children And Families Begins in NYC, Stops In Jackson, On The Way To Texas And The Border

MIRA! Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance
P.O. Box 1104, Jackson, MS 39215 – 601-968-5182

News Advisory
October 13, 2014

For further information contact:
Teresa Gutierrez, Caravan Coordinator –  917-328-6470
Bill Chandler, MIRA Executive Director – 601-9687-5182, ext 2

The National Caravan in Solidarity with the Children and Families
At the Texas and Mexican Border will be in Jackson tomorrow, Oct. 14th

The Solidarity caravan, with the participation and sponsorship of activists, organizations, labor unions and faith groups is on its way to the border passing through some 10 cities where local activists will welcome them.  Beginning this past Saturday from New York City they have travelled to Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore, MD, Washington, DC, Charlotte, NC, and Atlanta, GA before the planned arrival in Jackson.

Welcoming events planned include a meeting with Jackson area civil rights activists for an exchange of experiences and histories in the shared struggle for human rights for migrants, immigrants and all oppressed people across the United States; and a special memorial to Jackson’s  late Mayor Chokwe Lumumba, who was internationally known for his human rights leadership.

3:00 pm Meeting at the MIRA office meeting room, 612 N. State Street, 2nd Floor
8:00 pm Memorial event for Chokwe Lumumba at Jackson City Hall

The Caravan will depart for Houston, TX early in the morning of Oct. 15th, to San Antonio, TX the following day, then on to Laredo, Brownsville and McAllen, Texas, border cities to join with hundreds of people and dozens of US, Mexican, and Central American human rights, faith groups, unions, and social justice organizations to denounce, act against, and protest the increasing militarization and untold cost of forced migration.

One of the stated goals of the Caravan is to redefine the upsurge of Mexican and Central American migrants from a humanitarian to a refugee crisis.  This is not a momentary situation but rather the worst refugee crisis in America in well over 30 years, amounting to the unrelenting forced displacement of hundreds of thousands of children and families from their homes and villages fleeing organized crime, paramilitary violence and the sheer destruction of local economies decimated by decades of Free Trade Agreements under the auspices of the United States Government.


Bill Chandler, Executive Director
Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance (MIRA)<>