Milwaukee, October 25: It Takes A Village – Justice For Dontre Hamilton Community Outreach March


Dontre Hamilton was shot 14 times and murdered by Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney on April 30th, 2014. Manney was recently fired from the Milwaukee Police Department, marking the first time in 45 years an MPD officer was fired for their involvement in a fatal on-duty shooting. While this is a huge victory for the Milwaukee community, we know that there is still much more work to be done. It has been almost 6 months and DA Chisolm has yet to release his decision about whether or not to charge the former officer for his crime.

The Hamilton family and the Coalition for Justice have been working towards winning Justice for Dontre, as well as pursuing strategies to build strength and power within our own communities. We invite you to join us this week Saturday October 25th from 11am to 2pm for our first Community Outreach March. We will meet at the Walgreen’s on the corner of Capitol and Teutonia (2222 W Capitol Drive). We will be marching throughout the neighborhoods of Milwaukee, flyering and spreading the word about the fight for Justice for Dontre and how to get involved with the Coalition for Justice. Join us! Spread the word. We need your voice to help us inspire others to join this fight. It will take a village for us to win. #JusticeforDontre #ItTakesAVillage #Onward

Milwaukee, August 22, 2014. [Photo: WI BOPM]

Milwaukee, August 22, 2014. [Photo: WI BOPM]

“Silence Mumia Law” targets ALC clients Mumia Abu-Jamal and Prison Radio for political repression in violation of the U.S. Constitution

Abolitionist Law Center MEDIA RELEASE:

“The ‘Silence Mumia Law’ should be understood as part of a reaction against recent criticisms of the prison and criminal legal systems. In the wake of the Ferguson rebellion, race and class-based mass incarceration, and the role of police in enforcing it with arbitrary arrests, frame-ups, and extrajudicial killings, is being questioned more than ever. The Fraternal Order of Police and the government are scrambling to silence those questions, disingenuously using the language of ‘victims rights’ to re-establish the lie that police forces and other institutions of state violence are righteous protectors of public safety that are beyond question. This illegal attack on our clients’ constitutional and human rights will be fiercely challenged in the streets and the courts,” said ALC Legal Director Bret Grote.

Professor, Author and Activist Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Professor, Author and Activist Mumia Abu-Jamal.

EMERGENCY ALERT: Stop the Silencing of Mumia Abu-Jamal & Other Prisoners!

Last week the Pennsylvania Legislature fast-tracked the “Revictimization Relief Act” to give virtually  unlimited discretion to District Attorneys and the PA Attorney General to silence prisoner speech by claiming such speech causes victims’ families
“mental anguish.” The RRA targets both prisoners’ speech and supporters who distribute the speech.

PA Sen. Daylin Leach (D., Montgomery) called this law “the most extreme violation of the First Amendment imaginable.” In seeking to silence the legally protected speech of prisoners the state also damages the public’s right and freedom to know at a time when more attention is being focused on mass incarceration and police
brutality. It is an attack on a freedom that must be guarded — especially when and if officials do not agree with the content of speech they hear.

This legislation emerged as a politically-charged response, on the part of the Fraternal Order of Police and its political allies, when they were unable to stop PA prisoner and radio journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal from delivering his October 5 commencement address at Goddard College in Vermont, where Abu-Jamal earned his BA in 1996 while on death row. Students at Goddard collectively chose Abu-Jamal as their commencement speaker and the college administration supported the invitation. In this case, this law would deny the school the right to hear from its alumnus, Abu-Jamal.

With the growing number of executions by the police and vigilantes across the U.S. and the passage of flagrantly unconstitutional laws as seen in Pennsylvania, we the people have to organize collectively in our neighborhoods and in the streets to oppose the increasingly ominous display of rogue state power in Pennsylvania.

For the full statement issued in response to this law and to sign on as endorsers to the call visit:
For more information
In Philly: 215-724-1618;
In NY: 917-930-0804

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