NYC, December 20: Say NO to Racist Trump and His Media Megaphone

#TrumpFascism #NoTrumpZone #TrumpRacism #DumpTrump
RALLY at 2pm – 5th Ave & 56th St, MARCH at 4pm – 6th Ave to FOX News, then Herald Square – 34th St & 6th Ave.

Donald Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering the country is only the latest outrageous example of his racism. The time has come for us to come together and say ENOUGH!

A coalition of student, Muslim, antiwar, immigrant and anti-racist groups are having a demonstration Sunday to oppose the racism being promoted 24/7 by his campaign and the media. It will start at Trump Tower and march to New York’s CNN headquarters.

“Our outrage over the racism that is polluting the media must be galvanized into mass mobilization so that the world can see that progressive people will not tolerate racism,” said Larry Holmes of the Peoples Power Assemblies. “We will not allow Paris, or San Bernadino to be used as an excuse for racism and repression.”

Free Clarence Moses-El

Call Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey’s office at 720-913-9000 or email at and tell them to drop the case against Clarence Moses el. He is an innocent man who was convicted because of a dream, had the DNA evidence that would have exonerated him destroyed 4 weeks after his attorneys won a court order to have it tested. The investigating officer gave a sworn statement as to his doubts that Clarence was responsible and there has been a confession from LC Jackson, who was initially names by the victim and the confession was heard in court this fall at a hearing for this new piece of evidence and this is one of the reasons the conviction was overturned by the judge. Yet, still, DA Mitch Morrisey refuses to drop the case.

Show your support, demand that the DA’s office do the right thing so that an innocent man can return home.

Call 720-913-9000, or email Free Clarence Moses el.

Clarence Moses-EI

Fighting Back & Labor-Community Solidarity Key to UAW Local 833’s Advances

After a 32-day strike against the Kohler Co., the fighting members of UAW Local 833 voted 91 percent to accept a four year tentative contract agreement December 16. They returned to work the next day.

“We worked very hard to reach an agreement that addresses all of the key areas crucial to the future of our members,” said Tim Tayloe, Local 833 president. Tayloe said the agreement would “significantly” close the wage gap between newer and older hires, “while also providing substantial wage increases in each year of the contract.”

Inspiring the entire labor movement and community struggles, members of Local 833-in a climate of severe union-busting austerity in Wisconsin and nationwide-went on strike November 15 after voting 94 percent to reject a tentative contract offer from Kohler that kept a two-tier system in place with “Tier B” workers making on average $10 an hour less than “Tier A” workers. Health care costs were also a major strike issue.

Although the agreed upon tentative agreement didn’t eliminate two-tier entirely, advances towards wage equality will be made during the life of the contract.

Labor-Community Solidarity

Anticipating a strike vote, labor and community supporters started mobilizing solidarity actions for their Local 833 sisters and brothers the day before the vote.

During the strike, ongoing support kept spirits up and the union hall in operation 24/7. Numerous small businesses assisted the strikers in a variety of ways and unions from around the United States and beyond along with a variety of student and community organizations lent dynamic support. Numerous solidarity resolutions came from unions such as AFSCME Local 526 in Milwaukee, the United Steelworkers Local 8751 in Boston, the Autoworkers Caravan and the School of the America’s Watch Labor Caucus.

Food and kids toy drives for striking members and their families were organized by a variety of union and community organizations including the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association, the United Worker Organization, the Wisconsin AFL-CIO and the Wisconsin Education Association Council. Tens of thousands of dollars were sent by many unions to Local 833’s strike fund.

Babette Grunow of the Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement participated in a Youth Empowered in the Struggle (YES) solidarity delegation from Milwaukee to the strike picket lines December 5. She returned for another delegation with Rockford Fight Imperialism Stand Together (FIST) and Workers World Party members December 13-14. Grunow also helped to mobilize support from Milwaukee and circulated strike support information through social media.

“It has been inspiring seeing all the support for Local 833. As we talked to the members they have been expressing their thanks for the solidarity. It’s an uplifting experience. The workers are well organized and are a good example for other unions.”
For more information and how to support Local 833:,, and

Chicago, December 18: CITYWIDE WALK OUT PART 2!! Rahm Emanuel & Anita Alvarez Must Resign

CITYWIDE WALK OUT PART 2!! Rahm Emanuel & Anita Alvarez Must Resign.

On this day we are walking out of our jobs and schools in order to press our demand for the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, to resign. It is time to come together and amplify each other’s voices in order to stress that we are completely done with the racist system that the mayor has so desperately pushed for. 16 shots, a murder, a cover-up, school closures, mental health clinic closures, and an angered city. Enough damage has been done to our city, and it’s time to take it back. Rahm must resign. We won’t stop until he does. #ResignRahm

“Mass pressure builds to fire Mayor:”