Roanoke, VA, August 6, 2017: Defend The Hope Center Potluck & Letter Writing

Hosted by Black Lives Matter – Roanoke VA

Hope for the community
Roanoke Peoples’ Power Network

If you question what you can do to make things better in #Roanoke or how we can build community and peoples’ power, now’s the time to step up. #DefendTheHopeCenter

1. Write a letter of support for #TheHopeCenter

2. Respectfully call the property manager and give positive testimonies of why The Hope Center is amazing and VITAL to the NW community and 11th St. specifically, and that the lease should be renewed

3. JOIN US for a potluck and letter-writing event @ The Hope Center on Sunday (8.6.17) from 1-4pm

* We will have some burgers and hot dogs
** Please bring a side dish and post what you’re bringing!

Defend the Hope Center August 2017

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