Fight For $15 Wisconsin: Will Foxconn Jobs Be Good Union Jobs?

Fight for $15
Governor Walker proposed a $3 billion subsidy to Foxconn for a plant that he says would employ 13,000 workers. Same old, same old low-wage Walker. Big promises of good jobs that never materialize. Taxpayer giveaways that subsidize corporate profits and result in more low-wage jobs.

Join us in calling on state lawmakers to require good union jobs for any deal with Foxconn.

At a time when our state suffers from stagnant wages, declining living standards, and an eroding middle class because of low-wage Walker’s policies, politicians must ensure that any deal prioritizes working people. Earlier this week we took action calling for real, enforceable standards for good union jobs across the Foxconn project.

Some state legislators heard us and introduced two proposals for good union jobs at Foxconn. One would require any deal include a wage floor of $15 per hour and the right to organize a union for the workers employed by Foxconn as well as its suppliers and contractors. The other would require Foxconn to negotiate a “good jobs agreement” for the whole development the way the Bucks did around the new arena.

Sign the petition to state legislators calling on them to include standards for good union jobs at Foxconn before going any further considering this deal.

If $15 and a union jobs are good enough for the Bucks, it’s good enough for Foxconn, too. $3 billion better buy good union jobs, and we better get it in writing, not just vague promises and unfounded assertions by Walker and Foxconn.

Devonte Yates
Milwaukee McDonald’s Striker

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