Venezuela: ‘The people united will never be defeated!’

“…It is a well-known fact that the U.S. hosts many Latin American counterrevolutionaries, as the history of Cuba amply can attest. Was this Carabobo action directed by the U.S. State Department? It would be no surprise. In fact, the State Department released a statement on Aug. 3 condemning the NCA. Its head, former ExxonMobil executive Rex áTillerson, said: “We are evaluating all our policy options (as) to what we can do to create a change of conditions, where either Maduro decides he does not have a future and wants to leave on his own accord, or we can return the government processes back to the constitution.” (

The U.S. also funds the opposition through several channels. It is clear that U.S. dollars are funding violence against the people of Venezuela in the name of “democracy.”

Now more than ever, the international progressive movement needs to strongly and urgently defend the Bolivarian Revolution, regardless of whether they are in complete agreement or not with President Nicolás Maduro. It is not about defending one person, but defending a peoples’ revolutionary process that, if defeated, would be replaced by the most vicious regime of fascist and terroristic forces. The examples are many, but just one is enough: Chile under Pinochet.”


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