SOA Watch Border Encuentro: November 10-12, 2017

Time is flying and we are seven weeks away from our 2nd Border Encuentro this November 10-12. We need you in order to generate the biggest possible impact and to really challenge the oppressive systems that perpetuate US Imperialism, militarization and racism. We invite you to endorse the SOA Watch 2nd Border Encuentro.

As you know, we moved our annual event to the U.S./Mexico border to highlight U.S. intervention in Latin America as a root cause of migration, and to visibilize the expansion of the violent U.S. border militarization regime throughout Mexico and Central America. We hope that you would consider becoming an endorser of the Border Encuentro. You can endorse this year’s Border Encuentro here:

Finally, we strongly encourage allied organizations and activists to submit proposals for workshops and forums, in which presenters can engage in conversations that speak at the intersections of our Encuentro demands, based on their identities and experiences. To ensure your proposal is considered, please apply by September 29. Due to the limited amount of space, late applications will not be accepted.

For more information, please visit

Thank you for your solidarity in the struggle,

SOA Watch
SOA Watch 2017

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