When We Fight We Win! Target Raising Wages For All Employees To $15 An Hour (By 2020)

This is huge – Target just announced that they are raising wages for all 323,000 of their employees to a minimum of $15 an hour by 2020.

It’s a major victory for the #FightFor15. Celebrate with us by sharing this image on Facebook right now.

Five years ago, when 200 New York City fast-food workers first walked off the job for $15/hour and union rights, nobody gave us a shot.

Since then, we’ve spread this movement to every corner of the country and beyond fast-food. We did what they said we couldn’t: we won. We won in the states, in the cities, with the big politicians and with the big corporations.

And today, we won $15 an hour for all Target employees. Share this graphic on Facebook now to make sure the world knows that organizing works:

Target is raising wages!


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With today’s decision by Target to pay employees at least $15/hour, our momentum is unstoppable.

If Target can pay $15/hour, billionaire corporations like McDonald’s can do the same.

Share this big win on Facebook now.

We won’t stop until everyone, everywhere, wins $15/hour and union rights.

Thanks for standing strong.

Steven Suffridge
McDonald’s Worker, Minneapolis
Fight for $15

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