UW Teach-in November 14: Fighting Racist Mass Incarceration in Dane County

Hosted by Derail the Jail

716 Langdon, Madison, 5-7 P.M.

Will be in Masley Media Room

Are you a student, faculty, campus worker at UW and want to get involved in fighting racist mass incarceration in your county? Join us for this teach-in with the Derail the Jail coalition(DerailtheJail.com), a growing group of activists and organizations that have been on the frontlines fighting against Dane County Board’s attempt to build yet another monument to racist mass incarceration.

County Board leadership and so called “progressives” want to spend $108 million dollars on new jail construction, the most expensive public works project in county history and it’s not going to much needed alternatives like affordable housing, mental health services and jail diversion programs.Derail the Jail Coalition is fighting to redirect the spending away from incarceration and towards those alternatives. We’ve shown up at multiple County Board meetings to testify against the jail project. We’re organizing a mass demonstration on Nov. 20th when the full County Board meets to vote on the budget which will include the jail funding.

Come learn about what’s happening and how you can join the fight and make an impact on the UW campus and in our broader community.

Panel includes following with more to be announced:
– Nino Rodriguez – Derail the Jail Coalition member, Free the 350 Bail Fund – Nino has extensive knowledge of the mass incarceration

– Teddy Shibabaw – Derail the Jail Coalition member, Organizer with Socialist Alternative

Derail the Jail Coalition includes the following organizations:

Affordable Housing Action Alliance (AHAA)
Dane County Trans Health Group
Families for Justice (FFJ)
Madison Urban Ministries
Freedom Inc
Madison Industrial Workers of the World – General Defense Committee (IWW – GDC)
Operation Welcome Home (OWH)
Our Wisconsin Revolution – Dane County (OWR)
Progressive Dane (PD)
Racial Justice Tipping Point (RJTP)
Socialist Alternative (SA)
Student Coalition for Progress
Student Labor Action Coalition
Wisconsin Debate
Young Gifted and Black (YGB)

See below for more background info:

Derail the Jail’s fact sheet:

“Safe for Society” “Jail Pie” chart:

“Questions for Sheriff Mahoney” — These questions get at the intersection of lack of housing and residential programs, racial disparities, and that Black folks don’t have equitable access to the Sheriff’s home detention program. The Sheriff has repeatedly said, most recently at a forum at Capitol Lakes in response to these questions, that he will not expand the home detention program:

“Why is Dane County Doubling Solitary Confinement Capacity?”: Documenting how the proposed jail plan would more than double the number of cells that could be used for solitary:

Fact sheet put together by Our Wisconsin Revolution – Dane County:


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