HONDURAS IN CRISIS – THE PEOPLE SAY JOH MUST GO! Solidarity Actions in the U.S. and Worldwide January 26-29, 2018


New York City

Saturday, January 27, 3:00-6:00 PM

Demonstration, Union Square

Called by Honduran activists and supported by International Action Center

For more info 212-633-6646


Friday, Jan 26

Rally For Democracy & Against Repression in Honduras

Fri 4:30 PM · U.S. Department of State · Washington


Monday, January 29 7:00 PM

5920 Second Ave., Detroit 48202

Special presentation to the weekly meeting of Michigan Emergency Committee Against War and Injustice

“Fuera JOH! — The people of Honduras resist U.S.-backed dictatorship”

For more info 313-680-5508


Saturday, Jan 27

January 27 10:30am – 12:00 pm Teach-In on Honduras

Grace Place 637 South Dearborn

12:00- 2pm Protest Action Downtown Chicago

Portland: Saturday, January 27

Banner drop over I5 N overpasses Time place TBA

Minneapolis : Tuesday, January 23 at 6pm-7:30 pm

Forum on Resistance Movement and Human Rights Struggles in Honduras

Hoversten Chapel Augsburg College

Called by Witness for Peace


San Francisco Bay Area

Saturday, January 27 1pm – 4pm

Rally at 24th Street and Mission sponsored by numerous organizations including Hondurans Against the Dictatorship

Dublin, Ireland (FYI)

Saturday, Jan 27

Solidarity with Honduras:No to dirty elections & US interference

Sat 2 PM UTC · The Spire

Atlanta’s progressive, community radio station WRFG 89.3FM will feature the resistance struggle in Honduras on two programs.
On Saturday, Jan. 27, the second hour of Beyond Borders from 6-7pm will feature interviews from Honduras as well as with SOA Watch organizers on the people’s resistance movement in the Central American country. The program guests and hosts will delve into the history of US involvement in backing elitist, undemocratic forces in Honduras as well as the growing unity of workers, indigenous, rural communities, LGBTQ, women, youth and student organizations to advance their own agenda.
This weekly program brings liberation news and analysis on movements and developments in Central and South America and the Caribbean from the perspective of those involved on the ground.
On Monday, Jan 29, from 4:30-4:55pm, The Labor Forum will hear from UAW #869 Trustee and Executive Board member, Martha Grevatt, about her experiences as an election monitor in 2013, witnessing fraudulent practices and voter intimidation. She will address the parallels to the current mass resistance to electoral corruption, repression and poverty engulfing the country. Her remarks will stress the need for worker solidarity, particularly from those living in the US, to stand firmly with the people’s movements in Honduras.
The Labor Forum brings news and analysis by, for and about the working class in the US and internationally, whether in prisons, retired, youth, unionized, unemployed, low-wage or in the underground economy.
WRFG 89.3 FM broadcasts at 100,000 watts, is available online at wrfg.org and has a mobile app.



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