Fight For $15 Marches On Honoring Memphis Sanitation Workers and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

50 years ago, black sanitation workers went on a strike in Memphis to demand higher pay and union rights. They were joined by Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., and he marched with them for justice and delivered his iconic “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” speech.

This Monday, McDonald’s workers like me are doing the exact same thing. And Dr. King’s words have never been more true:

Watch this video


We all know that Dr. King dedicated his life to fighting rampant, appalling racism. Many don’t realize that he fought just as hard for economic justice.

His historic speech was almost 50 years ago today, after two sanitation workers, Echol Cole and Robert Walker, were crushed to death by a malfunctioning garbage truck, precipitating their strike and demands for a living wage.

It is outrageous and true that we are still fighting for these basic human rights. Thousands across the country are striking and protesting with the Fight for $15 on Monday. Join us in honoring Dr. King’s final call to action and support the strikers as loudly, and as righteously, as he did. Share this video NOW.

Together, we can win good jobs and fair pay. Together we can win justice.

Latierika Blair
McDonald’s Worker
Memphis, TN
Fight for $15

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