The war and the media — Double standards for Mosul, Iraq, and Aleppo, Syria

The Pentagon made its largest bombing attack inside Syria since last April on Feb. 6, striking pro-Syrian government forces at the same time as an attack from Israel on Syria. Thus, once again imperialist powers threaten to reignite their campaign to overthrow the legitimate Syrian government. All the more timely is it that Workers World publish this article by anti-war analyst Joachim Guilliard, published Jan. 22 in the German daily newspaper Junge Welt, and translated by WW managing editor John Catalinotto. The article exposes the double standards of the corporate media in Germany — the same would apply to the U.S. corporate media — handling the earlier offensives to drive the Islamic State forces out of Eastern Aleppo in Syria and Mosul in Iraq, respectively. These double standards are used to justify the U.S. and NATO offensives over the past decades, which have brought misery to the populations of both countries.

— WW editors

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