Across the U.S. June 2, 2018: Abolish ICE. Shut down all 24 ICE field offices

Abolish ICE. Shut down all 24 ICE field offices

As of now there are protests planned for 6 out of the 24 ICE field offices this weekend. Here’s a map of where they are. We have hosts for Detroit, Baltimore, Denver, near Chicago (Kenosha), El Paso and Boston. Please attend one of these events if you are anywhere nearby!

We are looking for hosts for the other locations. If you haven’t hosted an event before, or if you are unsure about doing it on such short notice, you are needed! Even if your event simply consists of people standing along the sidewalk near the field office and holding signs, that would help our movement significantly. If you are more ambitious, you could pass out flyers about why we are there, or have an open mic (“open bullhorn” sufficient).

These are protests calling for the abolition of ICE and CBP. No more separating children from their mothers at the border. No more releasing children to human traffickers because you really just don’t care about them. No more taking dads from their US citizen children and wives. No more physical and sexual abuse. No more raids. No more terror. Immigration is not a problem—that’s a lie. The unequal distribution of our society’s resources and terrible political leadership IS a problem.

We need you to step up! Send a PM if you can do it.

Here is the main event page with links to the local events:


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