Milwaukee, June 23, 2018: The Cuba Caravan is Coming to Town

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The Cuba Caravan is Coming to Town

Progress had been made…Let’s keep it rolling!
Demand freedom to travel an end to the embargo!

[There’s still time to join this year’s caravan to Cuba! DEADLINE TO APPLY: May 1ST 2018 See or call 212-926-5757 ext. 6]

Join us Saturday, June 23, 2018. At Central United Methodist Church, 639 N. 25th St. Milwaukee, 53233

5:00 pm Pot Luck Dinner, 6:30 pm Program

Caravan Speaker: Gail Walker, Executive Director, IFCO/Pastors for Peace

Also: Dare to Dream: A 30-minute documentary about Cuba’s Latin American Medical School

Sponsored by Pastors for Peace, 212-926-5757; Wisconsin Coalition to Normalize Relations with Cuba,; 273-1040
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