Letter Carriers Union President: The US Mail is #NotForSale!


National Association of Letter Carriers

On Monday, October 8, 2018 thousands of letter carriers and other postal employees held rallies in over 150 cities to publicly send a message to Washington that we will not accept Postal Privatization.  The NALC and its allies from the other unions said loud and clear: The U.S. Mail is Not for Sale. #NotForSale

I would like to extend my warmest regards and thanks to all who were involved: from the organizers, letter carrier participants, other postal employees, and friends and family, to local residents, our union allies and all the Members of Congress who attended.  Together, with the APWU, NPMHU and NRLCA, we sent a strong unified message that we will fight to protect the public’s Postal Service at all costs.  Postal privatization is a dangerous idea, proposed by the Trump Administration’s Office of Management and Budget – and purportedly by the President’s Postal Task Force.

Selling the USPS to Corporate America would surely eliminate mail routes and reduce service, cutting off rural communities and making it difficult for the elderly, disabled, and small businesses to receive important mail in a timely fashion. Putting the USPS in private hands could even terminate service altogether in some areas while threatening hundreds of thousands of middle-class postal jobs. We will continue to do everything in our power to positively reform the USPS and preserve it as a public service.

After our strong showing of solidarity on Monday, let’s keep the momentum going! Continue to proudly support the #NotForSale movement against Privatization by wearing your shirt proudly, sharing on social media and voting in November.  We need to elect a Congress that believes in supporting workers and in a strong USPS.

Brothers and sisters, the US Mail is #NotForSale

-President Fredric Rolando, NALC

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