Free Cyntoia! Keep Ale Free!

Cyntoia Brown has been serving time in prison since 2004 for surviving sex trafficking at the age of 16. Last week, the court announced that Cyntoia must serve 51 years in prison before her release. This unjust and grotesque punishment of Cyntoia Brown must end now! Please sign the petition demanding clemency for Cyntoia! Also, if you are willing and able, call Governor Bill Haslam and demand clemency for Cyntoia: call info

Alejandra Pablos, a nationally known reproductive and immigrant rights activist, has been given a deportation order by Federal Immigration Courts. Her life could very well be in danger if deported because of her recognition as a leader in social justice. Alejandra’s only option to stop her deportation is a Governor’s pardon. Please, sign this petition NOW to tell AZ Gov. Ducey to pardon Alejandra!

Share widely!!! #KeepAleFree

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