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The United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) is the major antiwar and social justice coalition in the U.S. today.  As the New Year is approaching, we are preparing for another critical year of action and solidarity to build a vibrant antiwar movement in the U.S. that those under the gun from U.S. imperialism at home and abroad are desperately looking for.  It is ever more urgent that the evils of war, racism, poverty, and climate destruction are understood to be connected and rooted in the same source.

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2018 was another big year for UNAC:


We initiated and played the central role in organizing spring antiwar actions to protest the wars at home and abroad, which took place in 40 cities in the U.S.  We organized actions in many cities on the anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan.  We opposed Trump’s projected military parade in DC, and when it was called off, we organized a People’s Congress with others and participated in the march and rally called by Veterans’ peace organizations in DC.  We organized solidarity actions on May 2nd in support of activists and family members of those killed by a fascist gang in Odessa, Ukraine.  UNAC leaders traveled to Europe to protest at a NATO meeting in Brussels and at the gates of the Ramstein U.S. base in Germany.


Additionally, we expressed solidarity and participated in meetings and actions for the migrant families forcibly separated by the U.S. government and the migrant caravan trying to escape intolerable conditions in Central America, largely caused by U.S. policies in the region.  We attended and organized meetings and actions against the Saudi/UAE/US war on the people of Yemen and in opposition to the Israeli attack on the Flotilla to Gaza and in support of those being shot down by Israel as they protest at the border wall in Gaza. We supported the Poor People’s Campaign and those organizing against arrests and attack of activists from the Afro-Columbian community fighting for their rights in Columbia and we supported the very important campaign of the people of Okinawa against the building of yet another U.S. military base on their territory, and much more.


UNAC co-sponsored a well-attended panel on opposing the wars at home and abroad at the Left Forum with the Black Alliance for Peace. We played a leading role in organizing a major conference in Baltimore to launch a campaign against U.S./NATO foreign military bases and then a similar international conference in Dublin, Ireland attended by activists from 35 countries.

Information and Analysis

The UNAC Blog continues to publish important articles and commentary from our members and friends (  As events and crises call for action, we issued statements that analyzed the current situation and call for necessary action (No. Korea, Venezuela, Syria, Palestine, Yemen and more).  (

2019 This coming year will be pivotal in building a strong antiwar movement in the U.S.

On April 4 2018, Trump will gather the leaders of the NATO countries to Washington, DC to “celebrate” the 70th anniversary of NATO.  April 4 is also the date of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., exactly one year after his famous antiwar speech at Riverside Church in New York City.  UNAC is playing a central role in organizing protests around that date, as we did the last time that NATO came to the U.S. in Chicago, 2012.  The fact that they chose April 4th for this meeting gives us the opportunity to organize with civil rights and Black liberation organizations to further the building of an all-inclusive antiwar movement that we know is necessary.  We will be organizing a Mass Anti-NATO March and Rally in Washington, DC on March 30, the weekend prior to the April 4th NATO meeting, and also supporting actions being organized by the Black Alliance for peace and others leading up to April 4.

All this costs money.  The social cost of not acting to combat the wars at home and abroad is far higher.  UNAC is solely supported by contributions from our supporters.  Please make a generous contribution and help to build the strong antiwar movement that these times demand.


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