Cuba: A Constitution born of the people’s wisdom

Members of Cuba’s scientific community explain why the vast majority of workers in this sector will vote to approve the new Constitution, February 24

Denver Teachers Union Urges State to Refrain from Inappropriate Intervention, Allow Teachers to Strike

Denver Classroom Teachers Association – DCTA

DENVER – Asserting only the Denver Classroom Teacher Association and Denver Public Schools can mend their relationship, DCTA filed a response today with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment asking the state to stay out of contentious salary negotiations that resulted in 93% of Denver educators voting to approve a strike last week. The response urges the department not to exercise jurisdiction over this dispute, and to issue a prompt order that frees Denver teachers and special service providers to exercise their right to strike.

“Denver teachers believe state intervention in our negotiations with DPS would be futile,” said DCTA President Henry Roman. “DCTA certainly appreciates the time, resources and energy that state officials have dedicated to monitoring this labor dispute. But our officials need to fully appreciate we have studied the options for a new compensation agreement with DPS for five years, with very intense negotiations over the last 14 months. Reopening negotiations will not be productive until DPS recognizes our need for a fair, predictable salary schedule and commits to bring more funding to the public bargaining table.”

Describing the relationship between DCTA and DPS in “a state of disrepair”, the response emphasizes the parties remain too far apart on substantial issues for the CDLE or the governor to intervene and make a difference. Continuous negotiations guided by highly trained, skilled and respected mediators have not closed the expansive gaps that remain on how to best reward Denver teachers for their work and keep them in the schools that Denver students deserve.

“Clear philosophical differences with the district have prevented us from reaching an agreement. In its response to the state, DPS doubled down on its philosophy that teacher salary largely based on shifting, unpredictable bonuses and incentives is the way to go. We disagree,” explained Roman. “Our members believe a fair, reliable and transparent salary schedule with achievable standards is the only solution that will stop the massive flight of good teachers from Denver classrooms to other districts with normal salary schedules. We’re tired of trudging along in compensation experiments that are not working. We need a change now and state intervention won’t make that happen; only DPS can make that happen.”

Media may request the DCTA response submitted to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment by contacting Mike Wetzel ( at CEA Communications.


DCTA Strike Fund

Teacher turn over is higher in Denver than in any other district in the state. To combat this, DPS educators have been negotiating for fair pay for over a year.  These educators include our classroom teachers, support teachers and specialized service providers such as nurses, social workers, etc. If DPS educators must strike to achieve a fair wage, many of our educators who live pay check to pay check will struggle while going without pay.

Please help support our DPS educators as they fight to stay in Denver and support our DPS students.  The students of DPS deserve educators who can afford to live where they teach and continue to support our community!  If a strike does not occur – all funds will be returned to donors (less any gofundme fees).  THANK YOU!


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DCTA Strong Rally and March


Solidarity with Bangladeshi garment workers!

Workers in Bangladesh face violence when voicing legitimate complaints about how little they take home after a day’s work. And soon they might be facing unsafe factories again, if the Bangladesh Accord is forced to stop operations in the country. “Show your solidarity with garment workers by joining us for a demonstration at the Bangladesh Embassy today!” urges Sarah Newell of the International Labor Rights Forum. The demo starts at 12:30 at the Embassy of Bangladesh (see Calendar above) and is part of a global week of action.

Detroit, Feb. 2, 2019: Fascism in Brazil — the Landless Workers Movement — and Report on Venezuela

5920 Second Avenue, Detroit, 5-8 P.M.
This Saturday the Communist Workers League will be hosting a class led by Carlos Santacruz, an organizer with the Poor People’s Campaign and the General Baker Institute, on the recent fascist surge in Brazil, and also focusing on the Landless Workers Movement or MST. Carlos Santacruz recently spent 3 months working with the MST and participating in a three month Latin American political theory course in Brazil at their school in Guararema, the Escola Nacional Florestan Fernandes. He was in Brazil during the presidential election of the right wing fascist Jair Bolsonaro. Our discussion will cover these movements in the global south as well as the socialist struggles in Brazil’s neighbor Venezuela, which is under threat from US interference and Bolsonaro’s regime.
Food and readings will be provided at the event. This event is free to the public and open to all, though donations for food and the building are greatly appreciated.
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