Viewpoint: National Security Advisor Bolton Presents Trump Administration’s Africa Policy

Read this article by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire, on the recently-announced foreign policy approach to Africa by the Trump administration. Azikiwe notes that National Security Advisor John Bolton made the Trump policy presentation at the Heritage Foundation during mid-December. The critical analysis was published by News Ghana based in West Africa. According to its website: “News Ghana is Ghana’s leading online news publication for business’ in West Africa and around the continent. We carry news analysis, documentary & business news and sports news worldwide to a larger audience and also focus on developmental issues on Africa, Investment in Africa’s Infrastructure, Health & Education, Roads & Railways, Energy, Transport, etc. News Ghana is updated with increasing depth and frequency. Today, the site is updated 24 hours a day, seven days a week. News Ghana will stimulate and expand the national conversation, reporting the news as it breaks, while providing a platform where readers and contributors may have an imprint on public policy, influence public opinion and ultimately, contribute towards bringing the change that we desire in our country, Ghana.”

AFRICOM in the Sahel

AFRICOM in the Sahel

Waukesha, Feb. 1, 2019: Voces de la Frontera Membership Meeting

Waukesha Membership Meeting / Junta de membresía de Waukesha

Junta de membresía del capítulo de Waukesha
oficina de Voces de la Frontera en Waukesha
305 E Main St, Waukesha, 53186

¡Acompáñanos para la próxima junta de membresía de nuestro capítulo en Waukesha! Tendremos un taller conozca sus derechos y platicaremos sobre nuestros esfuerzos para luchar por las licencias de conducir y contra las políticas anti-inmigrantes como el 287g. Tendremos las juntas de membresía cada 2 semanas.
Waukesha Chapter Membership Meeting
Friday, Feb. 1, 6 p.m.
Office of Voces de la Frontera in Waukesha
305 E Main St, Waukesha, 53186

Join us for the next membership meeting of our chapter in Waukesha! We will have a Know Your Rights workshop and discuss our efforts to restore access to driver’s licenses to immigrants and the fight against anti-immigrant policies like 287g. We’ll have membership meetings every two weeks.

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Madison Action Day March 26, 2019: Justice For Prisoners!

Madison Action Day 2019

On Tuesday, March 26th 2019, over 1,000 people from across the state of Wisconsin, all a part of WISDOM, will gather at the State Capitol to advocate and educate representatives about issues in the proposed state budget! We will be having several buses leaving from all over the state to go to the Capitol! Please save the date. There will be more details to come on how to GET ON THE BUS!

Green Bay WI Buses leaving from West Side Moravian Church (1707 S Oneida St) at 6am. For more info:

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Milwaukee, Feb. 1, 2019: Fight Back Fridays!

Fight Back Friday!

815 E Locust Street, Milwaukee, 4 P.M.

We love working in Milwaukee Public Schools, but know our days are also challenging and stressful. That’s why Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association (MTEA) welcomes all MPS educators and education workers to the Riverwest Public House Cooperative for “Fight Back Friday.” This event will be held on the first Friday of every month from 4pm to 6pm, and will offer local educators and education workers a space to connect, rejuvenate, and advocate for our students and profession.

Every month we will feature a different activity or speaker to keep the event fresh. Come and join others fighting to make our public schools the best possible place for our students.

We will be discussing a submission process to create a new logo for the event at our first event so come and enjoy a beverage (Public House will offer a drink special), catch up on union and public education advocacy, and meet other awesome MPS folks! This event is free and open to the public.

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Solidarity with the struggle of the GM workers and ex-GM workers in Colombia

Photo: Marge Schultz Sears / Michigan Coalition for Human Rights

By Autoworkers Caravan

We are outraged over General Motors’ plans for mass layoffs at its Colmotores (Bogota, Colombia) assembly plant announced on December 21, 2018 that will result in an unspecified number of workers and their families deprived of their means of existence.

GM’s method of informing the workers was especially outrageous: waiting until the last day before the Christmas holidays, and only after most workers had left the plant. In these actions, the bosses exhibit their fear of the workers whose labor has enriched GM executives and shareholders. These layoffs are part of a broad and brutal corporate “restructuring” at the expense of workers in the U.S. (Detroit, Warren, Baltimore, Lordstown), Canada (Oshawa) and other unnamed international locations.

We declare our full solidarity in the struggle against these shutdowns. The discarding of the GM Colmotores workers is consistent with that plant’s brutal treatment of the workers who’ve suffered shop floor injuries and which the company subsequently fired and robbed of their means of existence.

We declare our continued solidarity with the struggle of the injured ex-GM Colmotores workers, members of The Association of Injured Workers and Ex-Workers of General Motors Colmotores (ASOTRECOL), who have heroically maintained their protest tent encampment at the US Embassy now over 7 years. The struggle by ASOTRECOL has strengthened the struggle by recently fired injured GM Colmotores workers who the company has been forced to reinstate. The perseverance of ASOTRECOL combined with international solidarity has been instrumental in their victories.

We declare our continued solidarity with the fired injured workers who continue their fight to win their jobs back. Together with the GM workers facing layoffs and their unions Sintraime and SintraGMCol, we can form a strong united front to fight for the rights of GM workers around the world.

We will support the militant fightback by GM workers here in the USA, Canada, Colombia, Brazil and elsewhere as part of a campaign of international working class solidarity – the only means by which we can triumph against GM and the other transnational corporations.

Reflections on the 60th anniversary of the convening of the first AAPC conference in Accra

Kwame Nkrumah at the All African People's Conference, Dec. 1958

President Maduro: Solidarity is Growing in the US and Around the World in Support of Venezuela and Against the Coup (IMAGES)

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, stressed that in the United States a great movement of solidarity with Venezuela is being waged in rejection of the coup d’état promoted by the US government against the Venezuelan nation.

This was highlighted by the national leader, Nicolas Maduro, this Saturday in reference to the concentration of the US people in front of the White House in Washington against the coup. It’s important to highlight that most of this activities in the USA were organized by Answer Coalition and the Party of Socialist Liberation, another important group of  organizations and individuals join their initiative and lots of Venezuelans are very thankful for that.

He also thanked the demonstrations of solidarity expressed by the people of Spain and Turkey, in support of Venezuela, its democracy and its legitimate government and the constitution.

In the United States there were also events of solidarity in Milwaukee, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles among others disregarding the subzero temperatures that are affecting these days in North America. We leave below some images and videos of the hermanos from the US, Canada, Turkey , Chile and Spain who support the Chavismo and the Bolivarian Revolution. If you have more relevant images from other cities or countries feel free to share them with us and we will post them here in further updates:

Milwaukee January 26, 2019 / Photo: WI BOPM