Building For March 23 ‘People’s Offensive March & Rally’ In Sheboygan, Organizer Declares: ‘It Is Essential That We Unite The Fights Of All Working People’

February 18, 2019



Mary Koczan: 920-452-6955

Jennifer Estrada: 920-371-6975


‘People’s Offensive March & Rally’ March 23, 2019 in Sheboygan

SHEBOYGAN, WI — Members from a diverse group of labor and community organizations are organizing a “People’s Offensive March and Rally” to be held in Sheboygan March 23, 2019. Organizers are planning to have a march to Fountain Park followed by a rally.

The March 23 event grew out of a successful Sheboygan Comm-UNITY event in mid-January where dozens attended a unity event at Mead Library. That event was inspired by the Women’s Marches taking place nationwide. Sheboygan organizers expanded the discussion to a broad range of concerns in addition to women’s rights which is also the focus of the March 23 event.

“In order to increase the impact for change we believe it is essential to unite the fights of all working people. It is crucial that we target fundamental issues impacting our Communities, not just the symptoms,” said Jennifer Estrada of Crusaders of Justicia.

Organizers will be conducting outreach throughout Northeastern Wisconsin and beyond for March 23.

“We’ll be bringing people together through progressive organizations that serve the community. We are encouraging groups to share information about their mission with people who want to get involved. Our first event in January was well attended despite a snow storm. We plan to schedule similar events in the future to continue the work of building working people’s unity and power in Sheboygan, Northeastern Wisconsin and beyond.,” said Mary Koczan, a retired union educator and a leader of Sheboygan Comm-Unity.

Initiating organizations for the March 23 event are the Crusaders of Justicia, Sheboygan Comm-UNITY and Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement. These organizations focus on a wide range of issues including migrant and worker’s rights, LGBTQ and women’s issues, fighting evictions and foreclosures, anti-war and anti-racist activities.

If progressive labor and community organizations are interested in endorsing and participating March 23, email: Or call the numbers above.

Facebook Event page:

Half-Sheet PDF: Peoples Offensive Sheboygan March 23 2019 Half Sheet

8 1/2 x 11, Spanish: PeoplesOffensiveFlyer02-Spanish March 23 2019

8 1/2 x 11, English: PeoplesOffensiveFlyer01 March 23 2019 Sheboygan


Poster making session in Manitowoc Feb. 16, 2019 for the March 23 Sheboygan march and rally. / Photos: Crusaders For Justicia and WI BOPM

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