Milwaukee, Feb. 23, 2019: PALESTINE: UNLIMITED “Move beyond stereotypes, enter hope…”

An exhibition featuring award-winning photographs by Palestinian artists.

Opening Night and Reception

Saturday Feb 23 7:00 pm
Jazz Gallery, 926 E Center, Milwaukee


7:00  Appetizers and Beverages
7:30  Program: Bright Stars of Bethlehem.
Rev. Joseph W. Ellwanger.
& more…

8:15 Opportunity for purchase of prints, Q&A, Conversation
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Palestine is contested land. People everywhere watch Palestine, expectantly. Many share stories, images, interpretations and explanations, hoping to build a clearer picture of Palestine, hoping to make a positive contribution to the future of the country and its people.

Indeed, sometimes it seems that everyone has something to say about Palestine.

But do Palestinians themselves get to say what Palestine is about?

The current exhibition is derived from a signature initiative of Dar Al Kalima University College of Arts and Culture in Bethlehem: a call to the best young photographers of Palestine to share interpretations of their country and its people. Here, ten finalists from the Karimeh Abboud Award Competition — named for a pioneering 20th century Palestinian female photographer — help us break through icons and stereotypes, in order to experience Palestine as it really is.

Listen to the words of photographer Ala’a Abu Salem: “[T]hese portraits aim at representing the Palestinian away from any ties, connections or expectations with themes and specific subjects. In short, iis an attempt to break the stereotype and overused image of the Palestinian person.”

To investigate Palestinian identity, to nurture beauty, and to invest in a culture of life, to foster creative resistance, to build hope: this is the work of Dar al Kalima.

Enjoy Palestine: Unlimited. Move beyond stereotypes. Enter hope.

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