Milwaukee, July 10, 2019:DROP the Charges! Rid UWM of hate!

DROP the Charges! Rid UWM of hate!

901 N 9th Street, 12:30-2 P.M.


On May 6th, the bigotry that exists at UWM became massively apparent. A racist clown stood in the middle of Spaitz Plaza to hold up a sign with a swastika as well as many other hateful messages. The sign being held up advocated for civil war, and for the execution of Jewish people. Per usual, UWM PD came out to defend a racist.

Amongst the crowd there were plenty of people ready to pursue a physical altercation with the emboldened racist, and rightfully so. A UWM Freshman, Grae, decided that the best action for all involved would be to take the sign being held up by the Nazi.

She successfully grabbed the sign from the Nazi and ripped it in half while UWM PD attempted to arrest her. Once caught, she was charged for the following:

Disorderly conduct, resisting/obstructing an officer, theft, and vandalism.

The UWM PD had no idea what to charge her with (through their own admission), and so they decided to charge her with as much as they possibly could. Meanwhile, there has been no action taken against the Nazi. The Nazi was only offered protection by our administration and PD.

What Grae did for our campus is something that was not provided to us through the PD or administration; she prevented violence and took down hate! She took down speech advocating for violence, which is not protected or legal in any manner. When the system fails us, it’s our duty to do what is right.

With all of this being said, Grae has decided to plea NOT GUILTY! Grae deserves the support of the UWM community, as she has already done so much to support us.

Come meet YPRC and many other organizations in accompanying Grae at her next court hearing. Meet us outside of 901 N. 9th St, Milwaukee County Courthouse, so we can show the judge that the community supports Grae and her actions!

The hearing is scheduled at 1:30PM! We are asking people to show up at 12:45!


Story on the news:


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