Stevens Point, September 28, 2019: Supporters of Incarcerated People (SIP) First Ever Gathering

Wisdom Supporters of Incarcerated People (SIP) Meeting

Saturday, September 28
10:00 am to 2:30 pm
Redeemer Lutheran Church, 900 Brilowski Rd., Stevens Point, WI

There will be a first-ever gathering of “Supporters of Incarcerated People” (SIP).  SIP has grown out of the ROC Campaign.  Family members and loved ones of people in jail or prison have felt like they should have their own group.  SIP exists to provide mutual support and information among people who are working to cope with the challenges of providing loving support to an incarcerated person. SIP will also bring their voices together for advocacy, to have a real impact on the criminal justice system.

The invitation is to anybody who cares about somebody in prison. The day, inlcuding lunch, is free.  All that is asked is for people to register ahead, either by calling 414-831-2070, or e-mailing  You just need to provide your name, contact information, and city where you live (so we can arrange carpooling).  Childcare can be provided, but you need to request it when you register.

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