Milwaukee, December 7, 2019: Private Energy in Capitalism: Pursuing Publicly Owned Utilities

Private Energy in Capitalism: Pursuing Publicly Owned Utilities

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It has become increasingly apparent that private energy conglomerates are not interested in providing affordable, renewable energy options in the US and other capitalist countries. Instead, costs increase and limits are applied to the renewable options provided by private firms. Meanwhile many publicly owned utilities provide more affordable and less restrictive options for consuming power as a necessity of life.

A public energy option in Milwaukee is not only possible, but necessary and could provide more democratic and environmentally friendly policies than WE Energies or any private corporation.

We will be hosting a speakers to talk about the innate environmental harm caused by private energy companies and the possibilities of a public option.

Donald Gross: Party for Socialism and Liberation Chicago.

Alex Brower: Milwaukee DSA

Speaker TBD

Ultimately, energy use under capitalism is unsustainable and in order to bring about the changes necessary to avoid an environmental catastrophe, which could wipe out life as we know it, we must transition to Socialism here in the US. Socialism would necessarily mean public control of energy and the transition to 100% renewables in a timely manner. Preparing the framework for a publicly managed energy provider would further the goal of building Socialism in our country.

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